March 28, 2013

Weekend Trip to Duesseldorf

Hello everyone ^o^

Last saturday I went to Duesseldorf again for some reasons. I wanted to check out a Japanese fashion store which I noticed in a radio interview last week. It's the shop of Tina Miyake, a Japanese female designer. She has her own shop not far away from Duesseldorf main station, so my friend Silvia and I went there to check it out.

That's the shop from the outside:

view through the shop window
She combines selfmade knittwear with kimono cloth. It's very interesting and some clothes from past collection looked quite nice on her Homepage. But at the moment she had only winter clothes left which were too expansive for me and also not my style.
But Tina Miyake is a very nice woman. She offered us a glass of fresh green tea and I could ask her everything about her shop and clothing. Maybe I go there during summer time again.

After that we did some real shopping. I got a nice surprise in 'Galeria Kaufhof'. Just behind the entrance in the stationary supplies area sat a Japanese woman doing calligraphy. It was just today and she wrote your name in Kanji for you on a bookmark or other prepared paper^.^

her desk with the different papers you could choose

my name written in Kanji on the bookmark^.^

Then it was just lunch time. We visit my favourite Korean restaurant Seoul again ^.^
I really love Korean food! This time I ordered beef with various vegetables. I don't know how they make it but the taste is awesome!

The starters and my dish
Silvia chose fried noodles with beef, it was also very delicious. In the entrance area they offer some Korean papers and some information papers. I was very happy to get a Korean guidebook in German *_* (for free!)
Really good to make plans for next year, hihi.

Korean guide book

After lunch we continued our shopping tour in our favourite fashion shops. But I didn't find anything interesting, I guess it won't be my summer^^'
But I got Silvia to buy two summer Jeans in nice colours *lol*

At the end of our Duesseldorf trip we stopped at the new Tenten Coffee. The Café moved to another location (two houses next to the old one XD) and has now much more room and looks really nice inside^^

The Café from the outside
The new bar inside
My White Chocolate Mocca was as good as always X3 But maybe next time I take the Matcha Latte again^.^
So the trip ended very satisfying (I'm not sad I didn't buy any new clothes).

Now I'm looking forward to my real trip to Japan. Probably I will spend more money there XD

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