March 30, 2013

Day 1 ~ Arrival in Tokyo and first Sakura pictures

Hello everyone^o^

Today is my first day of my Japan travel this year. Yesterday I flight from Frankfurt Airport to Narita Airport in Tokyo where my friend KIki and I landed today.

Lufthansa flight via Narita
The flight wasn't so smoothly and I got sick. I was so glad when we had landed >.<
I suppose I didn't stomach the Bolognese I got on the flight. Here is the meal:

lunch on bord
You choose between Spagheti bolognese (european dish) and Yaki Niku (pork meat with rise and some vegetables - Japanese dish). It was quite delicious but my stomach seems to have thought different...

We also got a doulbe Baileys on bord, that was great^.^
One stewardess was really nice to us, it was funny. She also got some tip for me against headache: coffee with citron! It tastes weird but it really helps.

Finally we had our welcome at Narita:

mural painting at Nartia airport
Pass control and fetching our baggage got smoothly but we had problems to find our subway line. It was nowhere signposted but the nice staff helped us out and we got a cheap Express to Daimon Station.

We checked in the Shiba Park Hotel where we also stayed during the last two trips. But some things have changed and I missed a bit of the service. Out baggage weren't brought to our room, we had no WLAN in our room, we had to ask for a router at the reception, and there was no tea water ready.
But we managed every problem and then took a little afternoon sleep. Atfer that Kiki friend Aya came over^^

We dined out in the Udon restaurant on our street. Kiki took her favourite Niku Udon (with beef) and I got a new dish: rise with chicken^.^ I also took one of my beloved Korokke (Japanese croquette).

my dish

Kiki's Udon
It was as delicious as always^.^
After eating we took a walk over to the Shiba Park. I was so happy because there were some Cherry Trees blooming *_*
There will also a kind of festival take place beginning on April 2nd, so we will visit there again, I guess.

But here are my first pictures of the Japanese Sakura:

It was so beautiful *_*
The temple doors were also opened so we could take a look inside for the first time. They also opened the hall next to it where some monks held some kind of ceremony and pounded some drums.

I bought a cute Sakura charm there, too. It is a charm for happiness^^

charm with its sachet

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at the family mart to get some sweets as dessert. I bought my first Matcha sweets *_* And they got new ones! So have to taste them, fortunately I have two weeks time XD

Dorayaki with Matcha and Sakura and butter cookies with Matcha chocolate

The Matcha dorayaki (pancake) filled with red bean paste
So delicioues^o^

The rest of the evening we will relax because tomorrow we have many plans. We want to meet Kikis friend Kaoru and some of her friends, too, and go watch the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, the go shopping in ikebukoro and for dinner she has looked up in Izakaya (Japanese restaurant/bar). So full timetable tomorrow XD

See ya!

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