April 1, 2013

Day 2 ~ Ueno koen, Ikebukoro & Shinjuku

Hello everyone!

Yesterday (31.03.) we (Kiki, Aya-san and I) met Kaoru-san and her friend Eiko to go to Ueno koen (park) for watching the cherry blossoms (Sakura). The park was crowded, everywhere were people sitting and having Hanami (picnic) under the cherry trees. It was really cool to watch the scene.

hanami in Ueno koen

But it was rather cold and wet outside, nevetheless everyone was having fun. But so we didn't had hanami and just watched the scene and the Sakura.
Because of the cold Aya bought a hot drink called 'ama-sake'. It was hot sake with pieces of rice in it (but non-alcoholic), Kiki hated it but I found it very delicious and warming *_*

the ama-sake stand
The city considered everything, exceptionally we saw many many garbage cans everywhere.

trash box with eight sachets
We strolled around till we reached the lake in the middle of the park. There is a small temple and on the way to it were one snack stand after another: Takoyaki, Yakisoba, chocolate bananas and even a Kebab stand! Very funny XD

street towards the lake

We walked around the temple, behind it you could rent a pedal boat in the shape of a swan. Many people were paddeling over the lake to enjoy the Sakura.

boat mooring
We walked half around the lake under the Sakura trees^.^
Really nice views:

the walkpath
view where I stand underneath a tree

beautiful totally pink Sakura^.^

After the Sakura watching we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately it wasn't so delicious for me and the portion was very small for the price, so it was quite expensive -_-

Next plan: shopping in Abab (Ueno) and then in Parco (Ikebukoro). Kiki happily shopped her way though 'Mar*rs', I just bought a cute Panda Key chain^.^

For 7:30 h Kaoru had made a reservation in an Izakaya (Japanese bar) - the one we went last year first - and also invited a friend of her named Kouji. Kouji also brought a collegue withi him (but Kiki, Aya and I forgot the name XD). He was really funny while Kouji was the shy one. But we had so much fun in the Izakaya with great food and good drinks. While Kiki, Kaoru and the guys drank beer I took my beloved Kalua Milk again *_*

different starters
Kouji (l.) and his friend

Tamagoyaki *_* and my portion of salad

Japanese traditional meat specialities
After three hours we left the Izakaya and searched for a Game Center to make Purikuras. Curiously it was Kiki's idea who hates making and decorating them XD But so we made Purikuras with six persons, quite a lot for these little pictures^^'
But it was fun and we got some nice shots. Kaoru and I were then the ones decorating them, it was cool X3
In the meantime Kiki, Kouji and Aya had a race on Super Mario Card. It was really funny watching them and Aya won every race.

the purikura machine

the exciting race^^
Finally we had to leave because Kouji and his friend has to work tomorrow and Kaori and I got quite tired. But it was a supercool day^.^

group picture taken by Kouji
Dewa mata^o^/)

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  1. Und ich wundere mich schon, warum du nicht bloggst .... -.-° dein blog wird mir mal wieder im dashboard nicht angezeigt -.-°
    jetzt weiß ich, dass ich einfach immer mal gucken muss, ob du was neues geschrieben hast XD
    scheint ja bisher echt cool zu sein XD Kiki und Purikura XD und die Sakuras und das Izakaya und alles überhaut!!!
    voll schön, dass du bloggst <3 <3 <3 danke Schatzüüüüüüh und grüß Kiki-Schatzüüüüüh <3 <3 <3