April 14, 2013

Day 11 ~ Odaiba & Ebisu (again)

This day we went spontaniously to Odaiba. We had been there in 2011 already but Kiki and I like that area so it seemed to be a good idea visiting it again. It is easily to be reached with the automatic railwayline (is has no driver). It is a nice ride over the rainbow bridge^^
We drove till Daiba-Station right in front of the Fuji TV building. On the ground floor you can enter for free and there they offer some entertainment, merchandising and food stuff from Odaiba. Kiki finally found Gatchapin stuff^o^

Kiki tried to decide which Gatchapin stuff she should buy XD

Next to the merchandise shop was a sweets store. They also sold different kinds of filled pancakes, I had to take one (for 200 Yen) with apple-vanilla creme filling. It smelled like apple strudel^.^ (they also had sweet bean paste, chocolate and tuna-mayo-bacon filling)

the sweets store
pancake with TV series face

The gaming machines were also kind of interesting. Of course Kiki went for the Gatchapin stuff again while I got curious about an One Piece Purikura machine. You could take pictures with the One Piece characters. Kiki convinced me to make one (though it costed 500 円 >.<) and it was really cool^__^

One Piece Purikura
Of course a convinience store couldn't miss there XD In front stood a cute doggy stature of the Fuji TV mascot, I had to take a picture with it X3

Fuji TV mascot as Lawson employée XD

After that childish and cute stuff was done we went across the street to 'Aqua City', the shopping mall of Odaiba. From there we had a good view over the Tokyo Bay and the rainbow bridge.

Aqua City building

Rainbow Bridge

But we just visited some shops like the Disney store before we went over to the next building which was also a shopping and game center (named DECKS). They had really curious stuff there^^
Kiki got Gatchapin stuff again and I bought some sweets/mochis (which I originally wanted to buy yesterday^^' ~ Matcha and chocolate banana brand). We also took purikuras again XD (it was so cool, the whole Purikura area was EMPTY!)

The train comes through the wall XD

Mochi boxes

floor with many cult stores
We took a break in Tully's Coffee where I finally tried the new Honey Mocca Latte. It tasted really delicious *_*

Tully's advertising
After the coffee we head back to our station. Because we had still time left before Kiki wanted to start making up for the evening we stopped by the Pokémon Center^^ It's some kind of tradition to visit there every year but it is situated really near to our hotel, so why not. It's always very interesting and I still like Pokémon (though I don't like the Black & White editions...). Kiki managed to buy nothing but I - like every year - bought a cookie box XD I couldn't help it because this year they had a special Eevee collection and it's one of my favourote Pokémon and the box was soooo cute X3 Besides I also got stuff for a friend so it was worth the visit. But this time we missed the usual Pokémon Center melody >.< They just played some advertisements all the time *snif*

Eevee cookie box
After that Kiki and I separated, she headed back to our hotel while I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather (and I don't need so much time to make up XD). So I went down to the harbour and passed some streets in our area which I have never been before. But Shiodome isn't really interesting I had to determine. But the harbour area is nice. I also wanted to check the waterbus timetable for Kiki's birthday (I wanted to offer her a ride).

Tokyo Bay & Odaiba

For lunch I stopped by a little diner which sold some kind of donburis. I knew the chain of shops from Kyoto last year and it was as good as the last time^^ (and cheap, my dish had just cost 200
円 ^^v)

my donburi with porc & onions

Sukiya shop
Finally I also returned to the hotel and made up for the evening. We wanted to visit Ebisu again because Kiki liked to the cute waitor a second time^.^
We also met Kaoru at Ebisu Station but Kiki was so nervous that we had to go to another place beforehand because she needed some bear in the first place XD But Kaoru found a nice Izakaya where we could predrinking and eat something. Unfortunately for me they didn't sell Kalhua milk >.< So I stayed sober for the time being. The food was okay. The tamagoyaki wasn't the best but the other starters and the salad where good.

salad with tofu

tamagoyaki with daikon

Kiki & Kaoru at our table
At 10 o'clock we left and went to Keigo's place (the waitor). We got a table in the little but unfortunately Keigo was serving the area on the other side of the shop, so Kiki was disapointed. But he sometimes passed us and said especially 'Konbanwa' to Kiki X3
FInally I also started drinking but of course not too much because someone should stay kind of sober. Kaoru and I ordered some food again: Karage (deep fried chicken) and Gyouza *_* Kiki kept watching Keigo XD

smoking & watching XD

our food & my Kalhua milk X3
We also met some other interesting people there. A guy with his company watched me making photos and also posed for me *lol*


bye bye guys *lol*

Behind Kiki and Kaoru sat some funny guys, too. A man from Osaka with his friend from Tokyo. The Tokyo had such a funny laughter *lol* The Osaka guy was really funny and wanted to make pictures from us. At once he pasted one on facebook^^; (I could avoid being on the photo, yes!)

They are taking pictures from Kaoru & Kiki

This time we wanted to leave with the last train so we had to pay/leave at midnight. While Kiki paid, she also gave Keigo a little letter. He took it with a smile and put it in his pocket X3 I got so excited, I find such stuff so cute and romantic^o^ Kiki wasn't this happy because her heart beated so fast and she wasn't confident. Will he really write her an email???

So we also parted from Kaoru and back at our hotel we thought the evening was over. But while Kiki was smoking a last cigarette in the smoking area of our hotel we got in contact with an American (who lives in Japan now) who invited us for a drink in the bar just around the corner from our hotel after a bit smalltalk. Of course it was suspicious and Kiki and I went first back to our room. But after refreshing ourselves we decided to follow his invitation.
The bar was really close and very small but all the people there had awaited us German girls XD We were invited to take a seat and order drinks. I liked to have Kalhua Milk again but the bar keeper hadn't got milk anymore >.< But a women from the bar jumped off and run to the next family mart and bought some O.o I was so surprised and comtemporary grateful! The people were all so kind!!!
Scott (the American) introduced his Japanese friend Tatsuya to us which would leave for Africa tomorrow. We talked about god and the world and Scott spended a second round of drinks XD Some time later the bar keeper also put out an keyboard. Scott played some nice on it. At half past 2 am we had to leave because the bar was closing. Scott and Tatsuya accompanied us back to the hotel and he and Kiki smoked a last cigarette together (he was really a heavy smoker^^;). He even said we could have some glasses of his Jack Daniels Whiskey at the hotel bar whenever we want XD (but we don't take the chance)

inside the bar
Tatsuya & Scott
Scott at the keyboard

Kiki & me XD

Kiki were fully drunken and I also looked forward to my bed. But it was such a cool evening for me^o^
Tomorrow (or rather today *lol*) we will have a chilling day. Let's see what we can do. But surely no more drinking XD
And I got a ticket for Kabuki theatre in the evening, I'm looking forward to it^.^

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