April 12, 2013

Day 10 ~ From Shin-Okubo to Shibuya

Hello everyone^^

This day Kiki and I decided to visit some areas we hadn't managed to see last year. So our first stop after breakfast was Shin-Okubo (just one station after Shinjuku but the station looks a bit crashed^^;). Shin-Okubo is said to be 'Korea Town' and this is not exaggerated. You see korean shops for K-POP and cosmetic everywhere as well as Korean restaurants of all different kinds. Because of interest and the popularity of Korean cosmetic we entered one of these shops. They look pretty good and the products are also arranged beautifully. Stuff like shampoo and so on isn't so expensive than I had expected it but make-up and so on cost its price. So neither Kiki nor me bought something but it was interesting. In the end of the shop were also a little K-POP section, these two are things seem to get along well^^; (many male K-Pop singers serve as model for the make-up O.o)
We just went down the main street right of the station. It wasn't that much so we were fast through it. It was a bit disappointing. I didn't even see a Korean supermarket U.U

Shin-Okubo station

main street of Shin-Okubo
Funnily enough, we entered a 100 円 shop because Kiki almost lost one of her fake eye lashes because of the strong wind (and of course just today she forgot her make-up purse^^;). But we also bought many other things there XD Kiki found Gatchapin stuff and I bought also some make-up powder and rouge and two cute bento boxes *_* and also spices for onigiri rice and matcha cookies^.^

Matcha cookies

the other stuff XD

So in Korea town we just ended up buying some stuff in a Japanese shop *lol* We turned right at the end of the main road and walked towards Shinjuku. It was interesting to see the areas between. The core of Shinjuku wasn't that far away. We passed the main street from which laid Kabukicho to the left, the red light district of Tokyo. But it was too dangerous in our opinion to enter it because even at daytime are suspicious people hanging around there.
But after a nice walk through the sun we reached the east side of Shinjuku station (the largest station in Tokyo). The weather was so great that we just chilled out a bit at the station where Kiki could also finally enjoy some cigarettes^^

our chilling tree
So what to do next, it was just around half past 2 at the time. So we decided to visit the area of Omotesando where some confectionaries and bakeries should have their site and this is of course fully my cup of tea^^
Therefore next station was Harajuku from where you can get to Omotesando easily. Just walk down Omotesando-dori. We passed the high shops like Ralf Lauren, Armani and stuff like this again, Omotesando Hills also contains many of these shops, so nothing for us to visit. At Omotesando crossing we started searching for the bakeries and confectionairies which should be in that area. But unfortunately we didn't find them >.< We just passed by one bakery (which hadn't got any Matcha stuff) and a one cake shop (the cakes looked super *_*). But there weren't the supermarket, the confectionairy and the Kyoto sweets selling shop which I read about. So I was really disappointed. 

Omotesando crossing

So we walked just down the main street and surprisingly we found ourselves again at the backside from Shibuya station^^;
We took a short a break at a Excelsior Café where I at least could enjoy an Iced Matcha Latte. A few meters away we even passed a bakery, so I had to take a look. And there a good a sachet of sesame buns and a piece of Matcha cake with white chocolate *_* That really cheered me up!

different sesame buns (normal, black, pistazie, chili & curry)

I enjoyed the Matcha cake with a cold Matcha Latte^.^

So we went a little shopping in Shibuya again. And because of the whole bakery stuff I wanted to have a piece of cake so badly that I searched for it in Shibya. Fortunately I haven't had to search long time because just at Shibuya crossing is a cake bakery from Ginza where I got a piece of my beloved Japanese strawverry cream cake^o^

The cake shop

strawberry cake with Japanese tea^^
So the day turned out to be good nevertheless although the visited places were rather disappointing for us. But thanks to Kiki who keep calm all the time and cheered me up the day didn't come to waste.

We don't know what to do tomorrow, we will decide it spontaniously. Maybe it is better this way^^;
So be surprised. Bye bye!

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