April 10, 2013

Day 9 ~ Imperial Garden & Ikebukoro

This day we tried to sleep out a bit after two nights party. But we felt quite lazy^^;
Nevertheless Kaoru, Kiki and I went out for a refreshing breakfast. But then we split up because I wanted to visit the Antique Market at Tokyo International Forum. Meanwhile Kiki and Kaoru would go on ahead to Ikebukoro for doing a bit shopping. Kiki needed cute letter paper for her message to Keigo and we wanted to visit the 'Donki' shop there (it sells quite a lot of stuff for cheap prices).
So I got off Yurakcho station while Kiki and Kaoru stayed in for Ikebukoro station. But I had bad luck, because of the stormy weather (there were really warning to be careful about flying things like bikes and so on) the market wasn't held that day >.<
So I took the chance to visit the Imperial Garden which was nearby^^ (and Kiki hasn't got interest in visiting it) You can catch a view from the Imperial Palace, too, where the Imperial family is living. Though the short view was not so special. But the park was really wide with many meadow fields, so many people used it to relax.

Imperial Palace

view over the garden with the great skyline in the background^^
In some area was a beautiful fountain park where I relaxed a bit. There were different fountains, a café and one beautiful Sakura tree in the middle^.^

view from the entrance

from my breaking place

the sakura tree^o^

One way in the park was also full of bright blooming sakura trees *_* I got so faded away by them. I walked the way up and down slowly and rested some minutes after one wonderful tree^^

sidewalk full of sakura trees^^

the trees I sat under
Finally I headed towards Tokyo Station from where I went to Ikebukoro to meet Kiki and Kaoru again. The station is some special because it was build in Western style. It is made of bricks and looks really nice in between the modern skyscapers of Tokyo.

way towards the station
In time I arrived at the smoking area outside Ikebukoro station where Kiki was still smoking her ciragette XD Meanwhile Kaoru gave me a little present she bought for me at Tokyu Hands: Matcha Baumkuchen^o^ This day they sold different kinds of little baumkuchen there for quite a cheap price, so they brought some for me because I like Matcha so much. It was kind >.< (and the cake tastes really good!)

the Baumkuchen
Then we went to Sunshine City for lunch. There is Kaoru's favourite Mexican restaurant, so we did her the favour and accompanied her (though Kiki and I prefer eating Japanese food here). We ordered spicy chicken with rice and some beans. It was quite delicious though the portion was quite Japanese: they are rather small^^; In Germany they would sell bigger ones XD

Mexican restaurant 'El Torito'
our dish
After this little meal Kiki and I were longing for some sweet dessert. So we went back Sunshine street in search for a nice café. At the edge at the end of the street we found a good one with ice cream, waffles and a variety of cakes^^
Unfortunately my beloved Japanese strawberry cake was sold out >.< So I took a piece of chocolate cake X3

my chocolate cake & Kaoru's bisquit roll
Satisfied we ended our trip today and returned home. It was a nice and relaxing day^^

On monday Kiki and me will be on ourselves. We plan to visit Shin-Okubo (Korea town) and maybe some other place. We will see.


  1. Der Park ist schön! :D Und ich bin voll vom 3. Foto begeistert. XD

    Viel Spaß in Shin-Okubo! ^^
    Wenn ihr schon in Shinjuku (Nähe) seids und Interesse an Japanisch Lernbüchern haben solltets, wie wärs mit der Buchhandlung Kinokunia? Die haben sehr viel, sogar das kleine Japanisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von Langenscheidt. XD

  2. war ja klar, dass deine Erdbeertorte sold out war XD
    und ich war voll verblüfft, dass Tokyo Station so von außen aussieht o.O hätt ich nicht vermutet
    oh ja shinokubu.... dahin hatten wir es ja letzes mal nicht geschafft ^^°
    na dann^^
    bye <3