April 8, 2013

Day 8 ~ Feast in Asakusa & Kiki's birthday party in Shibuya

The weekend started early at 9.30 am after the last long night^^;
But I had an apointement with Kyoji to meet him at 11 am at the Tourist Center in Asakusa again. In Asakusa some kind of Feast took place with some traditional Japanese Arts. So first we went to the Sumida riverside again, there were a group of Taiko drummers giving a performance. The group consisted of young women but they were very good! I like Taiko drums^.^

the Taiko group
The other events took place on the grounds of Sensoji temple. In a separated area were a little stage where women played the 'Koto' (old Japanese plucked instrument) and on the opposite a small catwalk where two young presented their beautiful Kimono. Other people in kimono could make photo with them.

stage for Koto play
Kimono walk
Next to the cat walk gathered some elderly women and held a traditional tea ceremony everybody could watch. It was notably that the tea was served by little children who also wore beautiful kimono.

tea ceremony
Luckily in the temple nearby a wedding ceremoy just took place. The bridal couple just came out and some people gathered to make photos of them. First I was a bit confused that this is public but the couple had no problem to show themselves. They were so beautiful *_*
And while their photographer made pictures of the bride her groom made further poses for the crowd, it was funny XD

bridal couple in the temple
I had still tie left so Kyoji took me to the 'Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum'. It was just one exhibition room so the entrance was free^^
Some practical things from the edo epoque were exhibited there, it was quite interesting.

entrance of the museum
exhibition room

a rebuild tea room

other side of the exhibition room
Afterwards we strolled around some streets till we reached the subway station again. I said goodbye to Kyoji and wished him a good flight. But because I still had time left before I needed to get back to our hotel and prepare for the party in the evening I made a brief stop at Akihabara. I wanted to look if I can find some interesting anime goods in the Anime Center or other shops.
I found the Anime Center in the UDX building but it was a total disapointement because there was nothing >.< Just a kind of inof counter and a little goods shop but it was almost only Vocaloid -_-
So I went to other shops for Manga and Anime stuff but I didn't find the series I like. They just sell stuff from current series or so. So I left without having achieved anything^^;
I just bought some matcha cookies and a matcha madeleine in a convinience store

Matcha sweets ^o^
At 8 pm we wanted to meet Kaoru and the guys in Shibuya but it rained like hell >.< [so I wore my new shoes X3 they really worked, I got no wet feet^^v]
So we were glad to see Kaoru because some trains didn't ride because of the weather. That's also the reason why Hiroshi had to cancel and couldn't come. Haruya would originally come later so at first it was just us four girls. We went to the place Aya reserved a table for us. It was an old-fashioned café/bar, it looked like it was from the 2nd world war^^; No wallpaper but kind of bullet holes in the wall.
But the leather armchairs and sofa were quite good. I ordered a moccha latte to warm up a bit and Aya ordered some starters to eat for eveyone.

my fancy moccha latte^^

aubergine soufflée & octopus salad
Atfer two hours we left because we were hungry and didn't want to wait for Haruya and Kase-chan any longer^^;
So we went out in the rain again and stopped by a very small izakaya at the edge of the next corner. It was kind of comfortable and selled some tasty food. We started with Okonomiyaki, Karage and Yakitori.

a mini okonomiyaki

Yakitori & Karage (background)
They didin't had many drinks so Aya and I couldn't drink our obligatory Kalhua Milk so we took the Korean alcohol with mango taste. The first slug was strong but because of the fruit it was quite tasty^^ (the two bear were from Kiki and Kaoru)
At around 11 pm Haruya and Kase-chan finally arrived! They were glad to meet us again. They have also known the two german words we told them last year: 'Pissen' & 'Scheiße(n)' [is this good or bad... ^^;]
They are still not good in English but Aya was so kind and made the translator. So we had a nice talk at first and the guys ordered new food for us. Tonkatsu (pork schnitzel), Tsukemono (pickled cucumber), Gyouza, Pommes Frites and white cabbage.

tonkatsu, gyouza, tsukemono & pommes frites

Kiki with Haruya and Kase-chan
Kiki and I had to laugh so hard when the waitor brought the Pommes Frites. Because he was wearing a headscarf and we got a déjà-vu from last year: Kiki just said 'Kouji!' It was so funny because evey other guy seems to be named Kouji and last year it was a 'Kouji' who brought us Pommes in a Karaoke bar XD

At 12 pm we had to leave this place because it was closing time. But Haruya arranged a meeting with their friend Uti (we also met last year) who knows a Dance room in this area. So moved on but because we had to wait a bit for Uti we saved ourselves from the rain in a Family Mart XD

our group in the Family Mart XD
But short time later Uti fetched us; fortunately the Danceroom was not so far away, it was still raining quite hard >.<
There were some other guys practizing dancing but we could join or just hand out at the bar. Uti's friend had also quite a variety of alcohol XD So finally I got my Kalhua Milk^^v We had much fun with eveyone!

entrance of the danceroom
Kase-chan tried to make a picture from half under the table XD

Haruya making fun of Uti - Kaoru said Uti would be the new Jack Sparro now

Kase-chan, Uti & Kiki
The party ended around 3:30 am because Haruya and Kase-chan had to leave. So we went together back to Shibuya station where Aya, Kaoru, Kiki and I took a taxi back home.

Kase-chan tried to make a last group picture...

but Aya did better XD
our taxi

So it was just a great day for me though I just fell im my bed and asleep immediately (though I shared my bed with Kaoru this night). Unfortunately Aya had to leave a few hours later. But Kaoru will spend the next day with us^^

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