April 16, 2013

Day 13 ~ Kasai-rinkaikoen / Kiki's birthday

Hi there^^

On thursday was Kiki's birthday and I had planned the day for us. As a birthday present I wanted to offer her a boat trip with a destination of her choice and then a trip to an aquarium. Kaoru wanted to accompany so we planned to meet her after breakfast at 1 pm at our station. Kiki was excited about my ideas but as always nothing worked as planned. Kaoru was late because of her meeting she had in the morning and then it started to rain and it was really cold outside *wetter.com kick*
So we went back to our hotel and put on some more clothes (Kaoru also got a coat from Kiki) and fetched our umbrella. We canceled the boat tour for now and went to the Tokyo Seaside Park - Kasai-rinkaikoen - by JR train. At the aquarium the weather was really nice^^;
But everything took so long that we all longed for lunch when we arrived. So we stopped by the restaurant in front of the entrance. They had a good variety of dishes: tempura, soba and western dishes like pasta. I took tempura-don (vegetable tempura on rice)^^

The restaurant 'Blue Marine'
Tempura-don, Misosoup & Tsukemono (cucumber)
Now it was almost 4 pm... and the aquarium would close at 5 pm^^;
Couldn't be helped and nevertheless we entered the Seaside Park (fee 700 ). It was a big tank of water with fishes from every wold ocean. At the outside were an area for seabirds. It was really cool^^

dome - entrance

the big one XD

colourful anemones

me & Kaoru in front of an aquarium

Unfortunately - especially for Kiki - we came to late to pet the rays. At 5 pm we finally had to leave. Then we hoped to get the waterbus back to Tokyo but it ran the last time at 3 pm >.< So we had no choice but to take train back *sigh*

We directly went to Shinjuku where Kaoru had made an izakaya reservation but for 7:30 pm, so we had still one hour left so we went a bit shopping. Kiki liked to visit the Ma*rs shop and Kaoru was looking for new shoes (she found some but not such shoes she was looking for *lol*).

In the izakaya Yusuke-kun who we met last week for the first time joined us after he finished his work. It was cool to see him again^^ (because he came directly after work we saw him with smoking and tie XD)
He is such a funny guy! And he gave Kiki some cool birthday presents: more Gatchapin stuff *lol*

Yosuke handing out the present X3
Of course we ordered also some good food for the evening: salad, edamame, yakitori, tamagoyaki, & gyouza as starters, Kiki's beloved Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki as main dish. We were really full after that XD

salad, Edamame & Gyouza

Yakitori & the rest of the tamagoyaki

Unfortunately the okonomiyaki didn't tasted to good. It was more egg than anything else. I must really say that I will only eat it again in special Okonomiyaki shops like in Kobe last year >.<

After some hours we had to leave. We went back to Shinjuku Station where we parted from Yosuke and fetched Aya instead^^
Because Kiki wanted to do Karaoke, Aya searched for a right place. So we ended up strolling through the streets of Kabukicho - Tokyo's red light district XD

entrance of Kabikucho district
We found a Karaokebar and reserved a room for one hour including alcoholic drinks for 1.700 円 per person. Kiki and I started with - what else could it be - Memeshikute from Golden Bomber XD Because they had all versions available and Kaoru and Aya were curious, we also sang the German version (which hurts in the ears because the German is so bad)^^;
Kaoru and Aya have so nice voices, Kiki and I sound really noisy against them. Kiki also sang Oasis and Kaoru was very good with 'Dancing Queen'^.^ Aya only sang Japanese songs. Very cute was the try of the three of them to sing 'Attack No. 1' XD (I was filming them in the meantime, hehe)
Finally Kiki and I tried to sing 'Yowasete Mojito' from Golden Bomber (she had the lyrics with her) but it was so difficult, we totally failed but it was so much fun *lol*

Kiki & I made pics of the room^^
Choose your song!
Because we had some time left before we had to take the last train, we strolled around the streets of Kabukicho. We also passed some host clubs; Kiki got excited and originally she and Aya wanted to visit one... but not today XD (I must say I didn't found the host on the posters so attractive^^;)

So we ended the day and part from Kaoru at the station. Tomorrow will be our last day in Tokyo >.<
So we want to go shopping and spend our last money in Shibuya^o^

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