April 20, 2013

Day 14 ~ last day: spending the rest of the money in Shibuya

Hi there^^

Friday was the last day of our Japan travel 2013 Q.Q
The next day we had to take the plane back to Germany. So we wanted to visit Shibuya for the last time and spend our last money there XD
Of course Kiki wanted to visit the Shibuya 109 and buy some clothes with her last money. On the contrary I liked to visit the Tokyu Hands once again and look for a big bento box and some things from the stationary.

But at first I wanted to visit a little souvenir shop and a bakery on the other side of Hamamatsuchou station which I had discovered yesterday. At the souvenir shop I bought a cute bag with sakura pattern^.^
At the bakery I had to buy a Matcha melonpan again (would be for breakfast the next day) and spotted a matcha pudding bun *_* (I will really miss the Matcha stuff Q.Q)

the bag
Matcha pudding bun

But our first stop was once again Tower Records because this day Kenji's (from Golden Bomber) second book (Best of Obama Blog 2) should be released. But when we arrived there, no book was to be seen Q.Q Aya who accompanied us was so kind to ask the staff. They were preparing the selling so we should check it out some time later. Because Kiki was also looking for a DVD we entered another floor but ended up back on the floor for Indie CD's (around 15 min. later) and while she and Aya were searching the DVD there I saw a staff member sort in Kenji's books X3 I waited till he was gone and then caught the first book of the day^o^ I was so happy!!! Unfortunately Kiki hadn't got luck... the DVD is only available in the online shop *poor Kiki*

I look so weird but hey, I was happy^o^
Then it was almost time to meet with Kaoru at Hachiko. Together we went for lunch in a Shibuya Mall next to the station. Aya and Kaoru chose a restaurant specialized for Udon & Soba. The serivice was really high quality! The waitress came at once, you got water AND Japanese tea for free and whenever your cup was nearly empty she refilled your cup unrequested. The food also came very fast.
I tried soba soup with fried tofu. The tofu was unexpected good but I had to find out that I'm not such a fan of soba in soup. Udon would have been better choice. But it was a good meal nevertheless and soup really make you sated.

soba noodle soup with tofu
After lunch we went together to the Shibuya 109 again. I accompanied the girls to the d.i.a shop Kiki was so fancy about. She really bought a shirt there but the shop is so expensive...
But after this I part from the girls because I needn't clothes, I prefered visiting Tokyu Hands and other pracitcal shops again. Atfer two hours we would meet again at Hachiko. So I left the 109 for my favourite shop. And I got lucky again: atfer I hadn't got my Sakura bento box on Tuesday, today the white one was on sale again at Tokyu Hands *_*
I also strolled through the stationary floors and got lots of nice stuff there, too. I bought sachets for chocolates, little letter paper with envelopes, more stickers and some stuff for a collegue. This shop really makes me poor @.@

The rest of my money I spend in the 100 Yen shop on the other side of the street XD
There I bought some Hello Kitty stuff for another work mate and also cute letter paper + envelopes and chop sticks for on the move. Now I was out of money XD

bento box (which I want to decorate myself), stickers & sachets
letter paper & chop sticks from the 100円 shop
Okay, I still a few 100 left to buy something from CLAMP at Mandarake, a shop for Doujinshis, Mangas, figures and other Manga and comic stuff^^

CLAMP News no.5 from June 1991

So for diner I had to lend money from Kiki^^' (I wanted to exchange more money at our hotel than)

Kaoru left after we met at Hachiko, so it was just Aya, Kiki and me. Aya led us to an Izakaya which was specialized in fish. So Kiki and I ate fish XD It was my first time eating mackerel; Kiki had salmon. It was really delicious^^

mackerel & white cabbage

Finally we had to go back to our hotel. Kiki and I had still to pack our luggage^^;

It took us quite a long time to get everything in our trunks X.x But we did it! *yes*
At midnight we went to sleep... and had to get up at 5:40 am the next morning *drop*

P.S.: I don't know why blogger turns some of my pictures >.<


  1. So cool! I found your blog few minutes ago and I really like it ^^
    I also love Japan~ i wish I can visit it too <33