April 24, 2013

Day 15 ~ departure and flight to Germany

Hello again!

Just a short post about the flight back to Germany.
We had to get up so early to catch our flight: 5:40 am
So we just dressed up, closed our luggage, ate something we bought yesterday for breakfast and then hurry to our train. It was quite close because I had to wait some time at the reception for checking out >.< We arrived just in time at the platform for the Narita Access train^^;
But at the airport everything was fine. We had checked in online yesterday, so we hadn't to be there so early and needn't waste so much time waiting at the airport now. Unexpectedly even the security control went smoothly.

Narita Airport check-in hall
The passport control was kind of interesting. Kiki was still half asleep and couldn't regocnize her environment, so I just said 'you're going to the styler now'. Then she was awake and pleased that the employee at the passport control of her line was really good looking XD That was funny *lol*
But of course then we had to go to the other side of airport again - geez, this was annoying with so heavy hand luggage to carry >.<
But then we just had to wait around 15 min. before we could go on board. 

Gate A45 to Frankfurt/フランクフルト

Again, we had someone sitting on the aisle seat... the woman slept all the time, she hadn't been to the toilet once during the flight, so we always had to ask her if we wanted to stand up^^;
This time the meals were also not very good. But Kiki and I took it with humor. Fortunately Kiki had still some Matcha cookies from the convinience store left. And her sachet became our curious garbage sack XD

Kiki holds our epic garbage bag XD
So we made the flight kind of funny. The only good food was the snack: Onigiri with salmon. You could choose between onigiri and cake. We'd like to have both, so the stewadess came back after serving everyone offering us two peaces of cake which were left. So nice^o^

onigiri and my coke zero
butter cake and still my coke XD

The rest of the time we spend chatting, watching our photos or the Lufthansa movie program (the choice was quite good). I watched 'Jack Reacher' and one episode each of 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'How I met your mother'. I also studied Japanese.

At Frankfurt Airport Kiki and I had to part. Her flight got quite early after our landing while I had to spend almost three more ours at the airport >.<
So I drunk coffee, studied more Japanese and finally read a German newspaper again XD

I was so glad when I arrived at home. It is really hard to be awake for around 24 hours @.@
I slept 10 hours the night and was still tired in the morning^^;
Why is Japan so far away???

Nevertheless I will make another trip in 2014 X3
But then I will go ti Kansai region again and I will also visit South Korea for sure!

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  1. Michiiii, du hast einfach mal das Wichtigste und den Besten von dir vergessen:

    Passkontrolle Narita Airport...
    Ich so vo~holl im Halbschlaf...
    und du so: "Du nimmst den Styler!"

    LOOOOL...das war das einzig Witzige an diesem beschissenen Tag xD