April 27, 2013

picnic with my new styled sakura bento box

Hi there^o^
Last Sunday I met two of my friends – Ray and Sato - we wanted to go for a picnic in the Herten Castle Park. The weather weren’t so sunny but it wasn’t too cold either, fortunately. I liked to prepare a bento for us, so I tried Korokke and Gyouza for the first time. Unfortunately I failed with the Gyouza because the pattery plates got hard for some reason >.<
But the Korokke worked surprisingly good! The potatoes held together well and also the coating worked better than expected. But instead of meat I used only vegetables but the taste was good nevertheless^^
So now I’m also confident to try tempura when I got guests next time X3
For the picnic I used my new sakura shaped bento box I bought in Tokyo this year. For this reason I was finally motivated to decorate it with some stickers which I also bought in Tokyo. I’m quite satisfied with the outcome^.^

my decorated bento box
veggie korokke with tonkatsu sauce
Ray was capable for the drinks and Sato also brought some cookies and German buns. She even put Anko on one bun to make it more like a Japanese one *lol* It tasted good^-^

sitting on the blanket; shy Ray & 'peace' Sato XD
We had a nice afternoon in the park but after almost two hours it got uncomfortable because of the grey weather, so we returned and had hot drinks at my home.
Thank you guys for the nice day ^o^


  1. voll hübschie die Bento Box XD
    und yeah XD you are prepared for Tempura~ haha
    die Decke XD die kenn ich doch^^
    freu mich schon auf nächste Woche, wenn wa uns sehen^^