May 4, 2013

short trip to Duesseldorf & nice May Holiday

On tuesday my friend Lau from Berlin came to Duesseldorf because of a job interview so I quit work early and took the train to Duesseldorf, too, and meet her up on the Immermann Street (Japan street).
We strolled through a supermarket because I needed to fill up my supplies and get some things for our lunch tomorrow (like frozen Edamame and lotus root, but they also have really cheap tofu!!!). We also stopped by at the Takagi Book Store where Lau got herself a fashion magazine and a really cute R2-D2-keychain *_* I myself couldn’t resist and bought another really nice bento box with traditional design and three tiers. It cost 43,- €, of course not cheap but I really haven’t found such designed bento boxes in Japan yet >.< It really bothers me.
But I guess I have now every necessary kind of bento box at home XD (and I don’t know where I shall stow them all X.x)
my new bento box^o^
Afterwards we went for dinner in the restaurant ‘Don’ by Maruyasu, it’s specialized for donburi, tempura and udon. We both took Oyakodon (chicken with onions and egg on rice), it was soooo delicious ^o^
I also bought an onigiri and a goma-wakame-salad (spicy spinat and sea weed salad) for taking home and finally we left Duesseldorf. Lau would spent the night at my home, so I was happy to spent more time with her^^
Oyakodon with Miso soup & Green tea
Onigiri (with Umeboshi [plum]) and Goma-Wakame-Salad
It was just a short trip to Duesseldorf but it really made me miss Japan >.<
At Duesseldorf station I saw a curious advertising: 'in no other City Japanese People feel so well' (like in Duesseldorf). It is kind of weird but I hope they are right.
advertising on the platforms
On Wednesday (it was a holiday) I offered Lau to choose a dish I should make for lunch for us. Lau decided for Udon XD (like I expected)
So after we spend the forenoon with our travel plans for London I prepared our Japanese lunch. As starter I offered some Edamame I bought yesterday; for udon I chose a variation with shiitake, lotus root and spring onions (I also put an egg in my soup bowl). It wasn’t perfect in my eyes but nevertheless the soup was delicious this time and Lau even liked it very much, so I’m satisfied^^

my Udon

After lunch we met our friend Sato and I got the idea to spent the holiday with minigolf^.^
The weather was really nice, the sun was shining and… the minigolf area was damn crowded >.< But I had luck and got a good parking place so we decided to still go there. And it was a good idea. Indeed we had to wait sometimes for a track to be free but we spent the meantime talking and enjoying the sunshine (okay, they enjoyed the sunshine, after some time I was happy about some shadow places^^;).
It was really fun and on the last two tracks I caught Sato up and won the game *yes*
Sato & Lau are getting ready
Lau & me ~ the Pro's *lol*
hard concentration on the 'Thunder track'

We had still one hour left till Lau had to take her train back to Berlin so we spent the rest of the time in an ice cream parlour in the inner city.
It was such a cool day, thank you so much guys ^o^

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