June 2, 2013

Picnic under Sakura

Hi there!
May was so full of events, there are so many things to blog... So I just start with the first one in May.

The Sakura aren't blooming anymore but in the first two weeks of May they were very beautiful here in Germany. So I wanted to have a picnic under sakura trees with a self-made bento. Unfortunately the weather were mainly bad on the weekends but May the 9th (a Thursday) was a holiday and the sun should shine so I made a bycicle tour with a collegue to a nice park where he told me some sakura trees were blooming. The park was really wonderful! The sakura had already started to fall down but so it was so nice to watch them rain down on the grass X3

Here are some impressions:

you can see my bike and the many blossoms on the ground X3
I made this pic laid down on the blanchet under the tree
the sun slowly started to go down and spend beautiful light
In the morning I prepared the bento for the two of us. I made sushi sandwiches and rice balls, dorayaki and I baked whole flour bread and made little sandwiches with this (with turkey and cucumber). For filling the wholes I used carrots, cucumber, radishes and Matcha mochis. I had cost more afford to prepare than I expected but it was really delicious and made us sated!
I had also cut apples for us and my collegue brought tea and chai latte so we could fully enjoy a nice meal over the day.

lower tier / upper tier ready to be packed
whole bento on the blanchet
It was such a great day and enjoyed the long awaited spring sunlight and the sakura to my fullest!
Besides I was quite satisfied with the bento I made and I'm looking forward to my next chance to make it for me and others^^

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