June 7, 2013

New (delicious) things in Duesseldorf

On the weekend of May the 18th/19th the Anime-Manga-Convention DoKomi took place at the exhibitions grounds of Duesseldorf. Some friends and I met there and did some cosplay^^

But on Saturday I didn't visit the convention, I prefered spending some time in Duesseldorf City for shopping and buying some Japanese stuff. Of course I visited the 'Backery my heart' to buy my beloved Matcha buns^.^ They even have a new one: Japanese croissants with Matcha Creme filling! Sooo delicious *o*

Croissant with Matcha filling & Matcha Bagel
This time I also entered the other Japanese backery 'Taka' for a change; they have a different variety of buns as the backery my heart, so it was hard to decide what to buy. Everything looked so delicious but of course I didn't wanted to eat only Japanese buns the next few days *lol*
So I decided for a pumpkin bun (anpan filled with sweet pumpkin creme) and a Matcha Anpan (Matcha Anpan filled with Anko). They also sold Matcha Bread!! But I didn't buy it because I would travel to London the next Monday and I hadn't enough place in my freezer, so it would have come to waste *sigh* 

Matcha Anpan (l.) & pumpkin bun (r.)
I strolled around through the different shops, in between I made a lunch break in the 'Don' restaurant, my favourite Japanese restaurant in Duesseldorf. I ordered my beloved gyouza menue X3

After walking and shopping I made a break at my favourite coffee shop 'TenTen' where you also get Matcha Latte but also different kinds of Latte and Chai Latte. I really love it and everything tastes sooo great X3 During the time being I got a phone call from my friends who were on the convention. We wanted to meet in Duesseldorf City to go for dinner together.

So it became the first time to try out the Japanese restaurant 'Kotobuki'. It is small and looks very unremarkable but the staff was very nice, the atmosphere very traditional, the menue offers a good choice of Japanese dishes and the prices were okay.

The interior view from our table
bar in the background & my friends having difficulties with their choice *lol*

Sato is making some fun with her chopsticks XD
Because I was still full from my lunch I just had a vegetable salad^^'
But the other dishes - Kare Raisu (Curry Rice with Tonkatsu), (Niku) Udon soup and Miso soup with rice - where also very good.

my salad
Niku Udon
So it was a great saturday. On sunday I will accompany my friends to DoKomi and Lau, Sato and I will cosplay together some characters from the series 'Sket Dance'. It will be fun X3


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  1. I also love the my heart bakery. I just love the takoyaki roll and the curry pan so much!