June 8, 2013

Sunday on the DoKomi 2013

This day my friends and I visited the Anime- and Mangaconvention DoKomi together. It was the second year on the new location at the Duesseldorf Exhibition Hall. Last year we weren't so impressed about it but the weather was nice and we just wanted to have some fun together in our cosplays.

In the morning I prepared Bentos for us, I really looked forward to it because it is more interesting for me to do it for other than just for myself X3
This time I was really satisfied with my doing:

the three bentos
my bento layer
I made sweet potatoes, fried cabbage, sushi sandwiches and for dessert a dorayaki and a little matcha (okay, the mochi wasn't self-made). It was so nice to eat it in the sunshine with my friends. They really like it, so I was very happy ^o^

After that lunch we went to the Japanese garden. I haven't known about it, last year we missed it somehow^^'
It was of course a great location and most of the cosplayers were there making photos or just enjoying the nice weather.

the Japanese garden
many cosplayers walking around
We also made many photos in the garden but also in front of the exhibition hall. It was really fun and I liked our group^^
We cosplayed some characters from the series 'Sket Dance', a really funny Anime & Manga. I cosplayed 'Himeko' (the only girl in the group). Sato was 'Agata' and Lau 'Michiru' from the Student Council.

our trio
having fun in the park
We also met other friends, chilled in the garden/in the sunshine and just enjoyed the beautiful day. When the sun began to set we left the convention. It was really a wonderful day.

Thank you guys^o^

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