June 16, 2013

Matsuri Puppet Exhibition

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago a friend and I visited a Matusi Puppet Exhibition (Puppets for summer feasts) in the EKO house of Japanese culture in Duesseldorf. The puppets were made by Harumi Oshima and showed some feast scenes mainly with children. Besides the detailed-made puppets many pieces of information about summer festivals and other feasts in Japan were presented in the exhibition room.

advertisement of the exhibition in the EKO house
It was just one room with some showcases but the puppets were made with many details, colours and traditional clothes. I must say some of them looked quite scary and I'm not so into puppets but it was interesting to see some scenes, behaviour and clothes from traditonal feasts.

Here are some impressions:

Besides the puppets there were photos and information papers hanging on the walls between the showcases about summer festivals, fireworks and what happens on such 'Matsuri'. That was really cool, I hope to take part in some Matsuris one day, too^^

Afterwards my friend and I wanted to return home but before we entered an Asian backery near the main station and there a nice surprise got me: they sold Pandan cake! (which I knew from London only) 
So I take a piece of Pandan roll and my friend a piece of the strawberry roll. The cakes were really good^o^
I like Pandan cake now very much and I will remember this backery for that *lol*

Pandan roll with cream coconut filling

So we had a nice day and I'm looking mor forward to my next Japan journey X3


  1. Those rolls definitely look delicios~

  2. (( OMG! I can finally comment! Whoohoo~ ))