June 22, 2013

Asian Garden in Gladbeck

Two weeks ago on Sunday some private gardens had opened to the public in my area. It's a project here that once a year some private gardens are opened; the entrance is officially for free but every owner put out an money box for a charitable donation. Quite a good thing :-)

In my hometown a married couple had opened their garden that Sunday and the interesting point for me was that it was a combination of different Asian gardens. Usually I'm not interested in gardens and plants so much but I wanted to see their Asian garden and besides I got nothing better to do that day, ha ha.

And it was really nice. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy but it didn't rain and it was pretty warm so everyone could enjoy their visit.
Everyone was greated by the couple and I was allowed to take as many photos as I like! So take a look:

The great Buddha
pond with kois
Buddha between high bamboo plants
garden cottage
The garden cottage was very nice and comfortable. The furniture was made of bamboo, there were many Chinese figures places on tables, on the wall hang pictures of Buddha and some great fans.

The couple also offered their guests some cakes and coffee X3 Really really kind! So the trip was worth it and I had a nice afternoon. 

But I must say I don't want to have a garden, that is so much work...

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