June 27, 2013

Sushi cake as a Blog Birthday present!

Because of Bentown's (by Chaoselfe) 3rd Blog Birthday I thought of what I could make for it. Three years of blogging are really amazing (I hope I will last so long, too) and Chaoselfe is so nice to host a contest in celebration of her blog birthday^^

Finally I decided to try a Sushi cake. So Happy Birthday and thank you for so many good recipes and other blogposts!

Here I go:

Cooking enough Sushi rice, mix it with vinegear mixture and mixed spices for onigiri and prepare some things for the filling. I chose sardines (because I don't like Tuna and in the end I was the one who must eat it *lol*), cucumber and Japanese omelette.

I used a bowl to form the cake. First I put plastic wrap in the bowl and a layer of rice. Then I filled in the sardines which I also mixed up with a bit of Japanese mayonaise^.^
Then another layer of rice, sliced cucumber and the omelette, then fill up with a last layer of rice. Push everything tight enough and then turn the bowl upside-down. Because of the plastic wrap the cake came out smoothly and got a perfect form. Then it looked like this:

As a polite host I also cut the cake for us:

sliced cake
piece of the sushi cake
Bon appétit and Happy Birthday! ^o^


  1. Wow, what an Original Idea!
    And it sounds quite tasty too,
    hope you enjoyed it, I bet it was yummy <3

  2. Hallo Katharina,
    vielen vielen Dank für diese tolle Sushi-Torte.
    Leider ist dein Eintrag bei mir im Spamordner gelandet und ich habe ihn erst jetzt gesehen. Das tut mir sehr leid.
    Ich hoffe du nimmst es mir nicht übel.
    Aber deine Torte werde ich trotzdem in die Zusammenfassung mit aufnehmen, ja?!

    Liebste Grüße,