October 6, 2013

many many sweets ♥ ♥ ♥

It's about time to blog about some new things and what was happening during the last weeks.

Two weeks ago I took a trip to Duesseldorf. Usually always something I'm looking forward to, but this time I had an job interview! I was so nervous... >.<
I don't know the result yet, but afterwards I took my time in the Japanese quarter in Duesseldorf. I had Lunch in my favourite restaurant 'Don' and had a 'Niku-Don' (thin sliced beef with special sauce and red ginger on a bowl of rice). As good as always (^o^) [unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I couldn't take a picture of it *sigh*]

Before heading back to the train station I also visited both of the Japanese-Korean supermarkets on the Immermannstraße to look for maybe new interesting products.
I really found some interesting stuff in the refrigerated counter: Matcha Chiffon Cake and Sweet Potatoe Dessert. Unfortunately I was too sated from lunch that I didn't try one of them. But they looked very delcious and I will taste them the next time!

Then I was surprised by the many kinds of Mochis they have sold. Besides the ones I already know I found Mochis filled with pumpkin, Matcha-Mochis filled with Anko and Pandan-Coconut Mochis. I had to buy all of them XD
The pumpkin and Pandan Mochis I have already tried and especially the Pandan Mochis are so tasty X3

Besides I got a new brand of Instant Matcha Latte. It's also good but I miss the last one. I don't know why they don't sell it anymore.

Mochis & Matcha Latte
In the Asian Supermarket on the main street and I bought some usual stuff like rice and tofu to refill my supply but they had also some special offer for 'Moon cakes'. Moon cakes are a traditonal sweet for the harvest-moon-festival in Soth Korea and China. These festival was held the week before and so now they sold all the stuff for lower prices ^.^
I couldn't resist and bought some little cake with Anko-filling.

Chinese Moon Cake

So after the job interview the day was really nice, ha ha.

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