October 9, 2013

Pokémon Day 2013

On September, the 28th, the Pokémon Day 2013 were held in Oberhausen. Like every year I wanted to visit the event although I'm not so into it anymore. But I just wanted to see the people fancy the Pokémon and maybe get some information about the new games X and Y.

I thought the event started at 10 am but I was wrong and the beginning should be at 12 am, so I arrived one hour too early ^^;
But this way I could easily take some pictures of the location:

Pokémon Day Truck

in the inside you could play with Nindento 3DS
"I was there in Oberhausen" XD
The stage
Although it was this early, many people were waiting in line to sign in for the Pokémon Day. I don't want to know how long it would have been at 12...
The only interesting thing for me would have been the Pokémon Tournament but I haven't trained my Pokémon for so long - especially not in Black or White - so I didn't want to participate.

But the new characters look pretty good, I was surprised. So maybe I think about buying a Nintendo 3DS and one of the new Pokémon games...

But the funniest thing that was a deed of my collegue. He was so kind to lend me his bus ticket to drive to Oberhausen. On the back of the ticket he put this:

Pokémon-Ticket valid on September the 28th *lol*
Because of this trip I am really into playing Pokémon again! Maybe next year I can participate in a tournament again X3

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