November 13, 2013

Travel through Asia on the Book Fair Frankfurt 2013

From October 12th to 13th I visited the International Book Fair in Frankfurt. It was amazing as ever! Besides the many German authors, publishers and television channels there were three halls full of international Exhibitors. So I also visited the Halls with the Asian publishers. It was really interesting!

First I entered Hall 6 with following countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (and also France, Belgium and Switzerland but that was not my interested area).

At once after you passed the door you already arrive in Japan.

way to hall 6.1


They presented many books about culture and especially children’s books. Even the Manga publisher ‘Shogakukan’ had an extra area. It was very cool^^

stand of Shogakukan

Right beside Japan were the Korean area. I met a very Korean woman who was looking into a cooking book. When she recognized me she started talking about the book’s content… and it was all about Kimchi *lol* but it was very interesting, I haven’t known that Kimchi was so versatile (and the title of the book was ‘Good Morning Kimchi’ XD). I didn’t mean to talk about this topic but the woman were so enthusiastic about it that I just listened to her. Right after she finished the cooking lesson we started to talk about other stuff. And right after I mentioned that I will visit Korea next year, she was totally amazed and wanted to know about my journey and if she can help me with anything. She gave me her business card and said I shall send her an email no matter what. We also made photos together so we should change them, too. It was so great, she was so happy to meet me and I was very thankful for her information; it was the best part of the day!

But the other members of Korean crew were also very nice. They introduced electric products to help children with their (language) learning. Really cool technics but if this will come to Euorpe…

most things for tablets or TV

The main point of Japan and Korea was obviously learning material for children.
But this was also an interesting theme in Singapore. They introduced many science comics to help children lean science in a funny way.

Science Adventures with Isaac Newton

Chinese and Hong Kong weren’t so interesting. Not many things to see and the people were very reserved.


Hong Kong
Surprisingly Taiwan made me have a good time, too. The women who worked there were very kind and attentive. They offered information material and audio samples from their favourite books. Even a Mangaka were there. The girl and her female friend published some Artbooks and other merchandise stuff of her manga. It looked very cute and I bought a little notepad from her. She also signed it and drew myself as a comic character into it. Very lovely X3

manga merchandise
the notebook

I was really surprised about the variation of manga in Taiwan. And they looked pretty good! I hope some of them will be published in Germany. But the girl there seemed to be in contact with ‘Carlsen Comics’, so maybe it will be lucky.

Taiwanese Manga

On Saturday afternoon the Taiwanese Pavillion also offered a little Calligraphy lesson. They put ink and brushes on a table, offered the special paper and help you writing Chinese ideographs. I tried but I'm really bad at it. It doesn't nearly look any kind of beautiful...
But it was fun because we talked a little and also two Taiwanese guys tried it and they did really well^^

left: my try; right: from the Taiwanese Girl (the signs mean "life")

That was the main part of day one ^^;
The rest of the day I spend with a friend. She wore a Cosplay and I made some photos. The Book Fair is really famous for Cosplayers nowadays! The Fair has also a great comic area but it’s always so crowded that I don’t manage to visit it *drop*

But on Sunday I watched the German Cosplay Championship. It was an amazing show. 26 participants were on stage with great cosplays and cool performances! But before the Championship started they had hired a Kendo group for a little performance. It was an interesting show.

the Kendoka on stage
everyone is waiting for the DCM to start

After that the day was almost already over X.x
I just got a quick look in Hall 5 where the following Asian countries were situated: Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
But strangely everything has been tidied up already. The fair should close at 17:30 h and it was still just before 17 h… I was really disappointed that everything and everyone has gone already. There weren’t even any books or so to take a look. I just got this magazine from Thailand which was left there:

Thai magazine

So I just took photos of the areas (which looked really good though). So next year I will be there earlier.

Bangkok (Thailand)

In the end I had a great time, met many nice people (the guys of the wardrobe were the best *lol*) and I can say that I will visit next year again for sure^^v

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  1. Klingt auf jeden Fall interessant!
    "Good morning kimuchi".... ja klar XD das braucht man uuunbedingt ^^°... nicht!!!
    Aber cool, dass du dadurch Kontakt zu der Koreanerin bekommen hast! Vllt. lohnt sich das noch!
    Freut mich, dass so viele Sache dabei waren, die dich interessiert haben! Süße Chibi-Michi-Zeichnung *v*
    Alles in allem ein sehr interessanter Eintrag ^^