November 16, 2013

MegaMangaConvention (MMC) Berlin and J-Store with Purikura

Hello everyone!

I have almost forgotten my trip to Berlin on the first weekend of Oktober to visit the MMC with my friends. The conventions takes place every two years and it was always fun to go there. Of course we wanted to do some Cosplay again as well^^
I visited the convention on Friday and Saturday though the event was also opened on Sunday.

On Friday my friends Lau and Kirschu wanted to wear their GALS! Cosplays again so I decided to join them. We did it on the book fair in Leipzig for the first time but back then I wasn't too happy with my GAL-Character. So I changed this time and became Aya Hoshino. With Lau as Ran and Kirschu as Mami we weren't the whole group but it was so much fun nevertheless.

But first we decided to visit the J-Store in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Since a few month ago the J-Store owns a Purikura machine now and like every good GAL we wanted to make some XD

J-Store entrance
purikura machine
The machine is quite modern and has good functions, backgrounds and dekos. And because of the convention is was 1 € cheaper than usual^o^

Because of this side trip we arrived a bit later at the convention but the line for entrance was still very long^^;
At the inside our first action was taking lunch *lol* The Catering of the MMC is really good. They sell many Japanese dishes, this time even the Crepe Station (a Café in Berlin selling Japanese style crepe) and an Onigiri shop had their stands there. Lau and Kirschu decided for a crepe while I took Onigiri^^

Crepe Station
Onigiri Stand
my Onigir with mushroom & pumpkin
Strengthened we went outside again to take some photos. It was great weather outside and we had much fun! Of course we got some curious looks from the citizens walking around the place *lol*

me & Lau as Aya and Ran
Of course we also met some other friends and chatted a lot. It was a great day!

But Saturday was even better! Our friend Kiki was also coming to the convention and together the four of us became the Visual Kei Band Golden Bomber again^o^
We wore our Memeshikute Outfit again which we had worn on the book fair in Leipzig 2012. But it was so cool. Of course my Make-up was really attracting views^^: One man in the metro said I had eaten a clown, ha ha.
But before we went to the convention we stopped by the J-Store again. Of course we had to make some purikuras as Golden Bomber as well! The shop owner even recognized us when we entered the shop, that was great! XD She wanted to take a picture of us:

Golden Bomber in the house XD
At the convention we really rocked it XD
We met our friend Fluff who took pictures and videos of us. It was so funny, we joked around, did some dance practise or just didn't want to do *lol*

Inside there was a special photo corner where a photoraph took pictures from you before a special backround and if you liked the pics he printed them at once (one pic = 1 €). Each of us took one picture, it was really cool - like a real photo shooting with Golden Bomber^^
This was my favourite one:

hanging on the sofa XD
So we had a great convention and thanks to my people doing cosplay was as great as ever!
This year it was my last convention, next will be the book fair in Leipzig in March 2014^^

See ya!

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