December 3, 2013

Bento #3 & #4

Last month I had some advanced trainings for my job and this were good days to prepare some bentos and try new recipes.

Because the first training day was on Monday I had enough time on Sunday to cook and keep something for the other day. I made potatoe curry with vegetables^-^
It was really delicious and also good for eating it cold. I added some gherkins and beetroots and as dessert a piece of chocolate. It was quite a good meal for lunch.

potatoe curry (left) & vegetables/chocolate (right)
For the next day I made Tsukune (meatballs) with mushrooms and spring onions. These Tsukune are made fried in teriyaki sauce which gave them a good spice. And mushrooms suit mincemeat very well so it was a perfect combination and also a dish which can be eaten cold.
Because I had some beetroots left I added them again to the bento and of course a piece of chocolate^.^

Tsukune & beetroots
My collegue thought that the meatballs were German fried herring but I can say it really tasted like meat XD
These are good recipes to keep!

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  1. oh man XD das sieht echt lecker aus ^^° da läuft einem ja das Wasser im Mund zusammen <3