December 6, 2013

selfmade Kimchi & Kimchi Cream Pasta

These days I really got the idea to make things out of cabbage (especially because it's quite cheap at the moment), so I decided to try an easy and fast recipe for kimchi. Normally it takes a couple of days till the kimchi is ready but in my korean cookbook is also a recipe for kimchi which is quite mild and should be served fresh after making it. The cabbage just need one hour in salt to be ready for further preparation.
While the cabbage is resting I prepared some apples. The apples are mixed with ginger, garlic, chili and soy sauce. The mixture give the kimchi a fresh and sweet-sour taste. When the cabbage is ready the apples will be added and mixed up and after the final taste it is already ready to be served.

I made quite a lot for only one person so I thought about dishes in which I can use the kimchi as well. Finally I found a good and easy recipe on one of my favourite blog sites Bento Lunch Blog:
Kimchi Cream Pasta
You just need noodles, one onion, a bit garlic, cherry tomatoes, kimchi and 1/4 l milk and maybe some soy sauce, salt and pepper for the taste. The vegetables and spices are pan-fried, deglazed with milk and finally the cooked noodles are add into the pan for some minutes. Then a delicious meal is ready!

the vegetables in the cream sauce
meal is ready!
It was also good to fill a bento!
Besides this good recipe the Bento Lunch Blog celebrates its 4th birthday! So congratulations!

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  1. ob ich das wohl essen kann??? ... für mich warscheinlich immer noch zu scharf XD