January 8, 2014

Matcha sweets ♥

At the end of the year I had to try making some sweet things with Matcha because I liked to make them for silvester when my friends from Berlin would be staying at my place. So in preparation for some sweets I started with making Matcha Syrup. With its poison green colour it looks rather like a witches’ brew but this sweet syrup is really useful to create sweets with the taste of Matcha. It’s sugar water in which you sift some Matcha powder. After enough stiring it becomes a homogenous liquid.

Matcha syrup

My first try using the syrup was in a Matcha version of rice pudding. I added a few soup spoons of syrup to the milk and rice mixture and also a bit Matcha powder to strengthen the Matcha taste. It worked really well, it was sweet and you could tasted the Matcha in it, but I would have had to use more powder to intense the colour, so my version didn’t look much like Matcha ^^; (that’s why I haven’t taken a picture)

But my real intention was to make a real Matcha dessert. So first I tried out a Matcha cream. I used regular quark, eggs, Matcha syrup and powder and stired a smooth cream out of it. After a few hours in the fridge it had became a real good Matcha mousse. (and this time I had forgotten to take a picture >.<)

It was really delicious but it wasn’t proper for my idea of a layer dessert. For that it was too soft.

Finally I tried to make a Matcha Tiramisu. I was inspired by this recipe. But because I can’t eat cereals, I replaced the wheat flour with a combination of rice and corn flour (so I had to take the double amount). The Matcha Bisquit came out really good!

The Tiramisu cream was also pretty well and it became stiff enough to hold the bisquit layers. In the end it became more bisquit than cream so it was more like a cake but nevertheless it was really delicious! My friends and I liked it very much ^__^

the sliced Tiramisu in the baking dish

a piece of cake

It doesn't look pretty good (like always -_-) but I think it's okay for the first try.

My next ideas for Matcha sweets coming soon ^.~

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  1. Klingt alles voll cool und ach was, das sieht doch nicht schlecht aus ;)

    ..Aber wo bekommt man denn Matcha Sirup her? Bzw. wie macht man das? Hab ich da iwas in deinen Blogeinträgen überlesen? :O