January 20, 2014

Taste of Japan in Hannover

Last Tuesday I had a job interview in Hannover. After the interview I met a friend to spend the rest of the day with me. I have never been to Hannover before so I had asked her to choose a Japanese restaurant for lunch. And she did pretty well: we went to 'Ichiban Grill- & Sushi-Restaurant' on the Friedirchswall. It is a nice-looking, modern restaurant which offers 'All-you-can-eat' on special times of the day. We got the lunch special for 11,90 €, that's quite good.
outside the restaurant
interior view from our seats

We could order up to 6 times and with 8 dishes each for one turn. By the way the offer is made via Tablet which was really comfortable^^ 
The variation of dishes were pretty good. They offer different kinds of sushi (maki & nigiri), salads and soups and some basic warm dishes like yakitori, grilled salmon, yakisoba, tempura, gyouza and so on. My friend concentrated on yakitori, tamago nigiri and cucumber tsukune (spicy salad) while I was trying many different things.

my drink: Japanese Sencha in this beautiful cup X3
round one sushi: her tamago nigiri & my two versions of California sushi

round one salads: wakame-, cucumber-salad & green salad with fried chicken
round one warm dishes: yakitori, grilled tofu & grilled butter fish
round two warm dishes: fried vegetables, yakitori (for my friend XD) and grilled sushi (besides another round of tamago nigiri & reddish maki)
I also forgot to make a picture of my spicy sepia salad of round two.
The third round consisted of another yakitori and cucumber salad for my friend and fried rice and teriyaki chicken for me. After that we were just full. But everything tasted good, was served very fast and it was alright comparing the price. I just missed the dessert *lol*

Hannover has also a connection to Japan because of the partnership with the city of Hiroshima. So in spring they hold also a cherry blossom feast and of course you find Japanese food in many restaurants.

seal of Hiroshima in the Hannover city hall
But Hannover is quite a nice city. The old town centre is great, the new City hall is a little castle and many nice spots are close to each other. So we managed to visit many places, do some shopping and end the day with a nice stay in a café in the station centre.

I really had a good day^__^

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