January 24, 2014

Korean dinner at home

Last weekend I invited my aunt and her family for an asian dinner at my place. In the end, she and her husband and my cousin and his girlfriend came - I'm not used to cooking for so many people @.@
But I decided to make a Korean dinner^^
I prepared cabbage and aubergine Kimchi the days before and I made Bulgogi (marinated beef meat with onions) for the main course. It was my first time making it 8>.<8
But everything came out fine and eveybody liked it. My uncle had some problems with the chop sticks and he missed the soy sauce for the rice (what he told me afterwards >.>) but apart from that everyone was delighted with the Korean food^-^

Here I go:
Kimchi, Bulgogi & aubergine Kimchi
I missed to take single pictures >.<

But my aunt also offered me a gift: I got a package full of Asian food from the supermarket *lol*
The week before there were 'Asian weeks' in our town supermarket, they sold kind of noodles, sauces, snacks and so on. I got sesame oil, Teriyaki and Soy sauce, coconut milk, prawn crackers, thai crackers, Japanese crackers, oyster mushrooms and chinese mie noodles.

my asian food package^^

I don't need everything and I'm not such a fan of the crackers but it's very kind of my family and I'm sure I find some friend to whom I can offer some snacks XD

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