January 29, 2014

Japanese Film week Duesseldorf ~ 春の雪 ☆

Tomorrow ends the Japanese Film week in Duesseldorf. Since 2007 the film museum of Duesseldorf shows a choice of Japanese movies during one week in January in coorporation with the Japanese Embassy. The entrance is always free but you have to be early to get a seat in the cinema room so I arrived there almost one hour before the start of the film.

On Sunday I managed to make it to Duesseldorf and watched the movie の雪 - 'spring snow'

の雪 film poster
Here is a link to a description of the film: Wikipedia spring snow
It was a tragical love story which took place in the Japan of the 1920s. It was kind of a Japanese Shakespeare version^^;
But it was something compared to American or European movies.

The main characters developed during the movie and the most fascinating point was the mixture of Japanese and Western culture and costumes. The era was really good pictured and some side characters really caught my interest. The movie wasn't boring though I had expected and also hoped for another ending.
But the movie was quite long and some scenes were obviously unneccessary. It's not a movie I would watch twice but I had a nice afternoon.

film week flyer & cinema program
waiting line & film posters in the background
Next year I hope to see more movies during the film week and maybe also one of the Anime productions.

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