February 20, 2014

New Year's presents from my Japanese friend

My Japanese friend Tomomi was so kind and send me a little package with some gifts from Japan. It's a tradition in Japan to write Greeting Cards for New Year to your family and close friends and Tomomi also send me one^.^
She even painted it herself! Traditionally she painted the Chinese animal of the new year so for 2014 it's a horse. 

New Year's card
Tomomi is a real good painter, isn't she?!

She also bought me a New Year's good with a snow scene and blooming Sakura. It's so beautiful!

New Year's card #2

As a little gimmick she send me funny erasers in form of a round cheese. It has six pieces and looks very real! *lol*

cheese eraser

Last but not least she send me New Year's tea. I haven't tried it yet but it looks kind of noble.

I was really surprised because I only expected the self-painted card. I'm so thankful for everything and of course I will bring many gifts with me, when I come to apan in April. I can't wait^.^

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