April 4, 2014

At Tomomi's Day 2 ~ Miyajima & Hiroshima

Today we had to get very early because we wanted to take the train to Hiroshima today and it takes around 3 hours from Tomomi's place. So we got up at 6:30 h, had a quick breakfast and then were brought to Sakurai Station to catch the Rapid Train to Osaka at 7:17 h. Everything went well and we got our Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima. I really love the Japanese Shinkansen, it is so comfortable to travel with! The ride just took about 1 hour 10 minutes. I was really glad that every train departed as schedulded because in Osaka we had really heavy rain >.<
But the nearer we came to Hiroshima the better became the weather. It was even sunny when we arrived! But from Hiroshima station we first went to Miyajima at the coast, the train ride took another 30 minutes @.@
At 12:20 h we finally arrived at our destination *yay*
Okay, we also had to take the ferry boat to Miyajima Island yet^^; But this was really a nice ride!

the ferry boat
We were happy when we arrived in the Island. The weather was good and we could take a nice walk along the coast^.^
On Miyajima little deers walk around freely. Some of them are really cheeky XD
The Island is really and of course we took many pictures of the famous tori in the sea.

tori at the Miyajima coast
We also walked through the temple and explored the area around. There were also many gift shops but we didn't buy anything there.

temple & pagoda (background)
Everything looked really beautiful especially with the sakura trees around^.^
Then we also found out that there was a ropeway to the top of the mountain. There were a viewing site, an observatory and another temple. We were lazy and took a shuttle bus up to the ropeway station XD
Just from the ropeway you have already a good view over the island and to the mainland. I really enjoyed this.
From the top of the mountain you got a nice view over the neighbor islands.

view over the sea
But that was enough for us and we also wanted to visit a place in Hiroshima so we decided to leave then and not to climb up the hill to next temple^^;
So we had a nice ride down the mountain with the ropeway again X3

Back on the mainisland we stopped by an okonomiyaki restaurant. I wanted to try a Hiroshima Okonomiyaki so badly X3 It is really different from the ones in Osaka but it was also very good. We ordered the classic one with udon noodles on top^.^

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

We recognized it was already nearly 4 pm >.< But Tomomi said the Hiroshima Memorial Park where I really wanted to go was located near the station. So she checked the connection but got to the conclusion that it took another 25 minutes from there...

And our Shinkansen back to Osaka would depart on 17:17 h >.< So no time for going there Q.Q

But while I was sleeping in the train from Miyajima to Hiroshima Tomomi must have checked some possibilities and told me that we could take a taxi for at least visiting Genbaku Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome), the only building which was left in its damaged condition after the Atomic Bomb. So we took the next taxi and the driver gave us 5 minutes to walk around the dome before he would take us back to the station driving around the Memorial Park. 

It was really touching to see this destroyed building T^T
But also the Memorial Park looked really peaceful (also because of the many sakura trees). I really would have wanted to walk around there and visit the Museum but no time U.U

Atomic Bomb Dome
We caught our train in time and head back home. Around 9 pm we arrived back at her house. Tomomis mother had even prepared dinner for us^.^ She made Udon (noodle soup) and some onigiri X3

homemade dinner X3
Afterwards her family wanted to take some pictures with me because her farther would leave tomorrow morning for his work in Kyoto and stay there the whole week. So we made a little photo shooting in the living room XD

family portrait^^
The next day we can sleep out again XD We just want to take a trip to Osaka, I want to buy some Japanese language books and Tomomi will show me her University^^
But the most exciting event will be the Hanami party in the evening to which Tomomi and her collegues have invited me X3

So see ya!

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  1. Oh Michi ... was du alles erlebst ^^° ich frag mich grad, wann du überhaupt Zeit zum bloggen findest XD
    Ok vielleicht hast du ja die Zeit zum Bloggen, weil Kiki jetzt da ist und du nutzt die Zeit wenn sie sich früh fertig macht oder sou XD
    Also sorry jedenfalls, dass ich nicht jeden Post kommentiere aber meistens lese ich gleich mehrere auf einmal ^^°
    Total irre, wie toll dich die Familie aufgenommen hat und was du alles zu sehen bekommst vom japanischen Familienalltag! Deine Willkommenspresente oder das tolle Essen, was du bekommst >___<
    Und endlich konntest du auch mal etwas mehr von der Countryside sehen. Aaaaach dieses bekannte Toori im Wasser ist also bei Miyajima!!! Wieder was dazugelernt ^^°
    Wow~ ich bin total geflashed von deinen Berichten!!! Sowohl von Korea (wo du ja die volle Ladung Kultur und Politik mitgenommen hast ~haha) als auch jetzt Japan mal von einer etwas anderen Seite!!!
    Grüß Kiki und ich freue mich schon auf weitere Einträge XD
    bye <3