April 7, 2014

At Tomomi's Day 3 ~ Osaka & Hanami Party

Today Tomomi wanted to show me her university. She goes to Kansai University in Osaka. So first we made a brief stop in Namba - a big shopping district in Osaka - to buy some things I wanted to have. I was looking for a bookstore to buy some Japanese language books - Minna no Nihongo - which cost double in Germany. Tomomi found out that here in Namba was a great bookstore: Junkudo. They really sell everything of the Minna no Nihongo series, so I was very pleased. I took the textbook, the German translation for texts and Grammar, two Kanji Workbooks and even a grammar workbook. Because they had also a big Manga section I searched for the xxxHolic Artbook (by Clamp), too, and they really had one copy *_*
Truly a successful start though I spend much money in my first hour in Osaka and the books were really heavy^^;
On the opposite to the bookstore was also a Character store. Every Japanese region has a cute character representing it, so Tomomi showed me one of them and you get really many merchandise for these things. The mascot character of Nara prefecture is Miku-chan, such a cutie X3 So I bought a little towel of it as a souvenir of Tomomi's area^.^
In the shop there were also some characters walking around which changed every day. Today two people were costumed as the two mascots from Hokkaido. The staff even took a pictures from me and one of the mascots *lol* Really funny^^

'I choose you!' (whatever your name was XD)
Atferwards we took the subway to Kansai University. It is located quite outside from the city in the north, but the area is really nice. There are many little shops where you get everything so the students can buy everything they need here. It was not far from the station to reach the University area.

entrance to the university grounds
It is really a nice campus and there were many sakura trees blooming *_*
So Tomomi showed me around and enjoyed walking under the sakura trees and the sunlight X3 We also stopped by the university shop because I also liked to buy some sweater of the university but unlike Euorpean or American universities they didn't sold ine >.< but on the other hand anything else^^;
The shop also sells everything a student need from stationary to clothes and even bicycles. I was a bit disapoointed but that's how it goes. We decided to have lunch in the canteen because it was near, cheap and I like it because I have never been to university.
I ate a real good Katsudon (Tomomi chose Ramen) and we had a nice view out of the window^.^

the canteen
view out of the window^.^
After lunch we had still time till we had to head to the location of the upcoming Hanami party so I suggested to visit Osakajou-koen (Osaka Castle Park). I love this castle and I thought that there were also nice Sakura spots^.^
On the way back to the station I saw a nice sweater hanging in one shop by accident. It had Japanese signs on it and under them stood 'Volleyball', I really liked that^.^
So we looked for this sweater in the outlay but couldn't find it. Tomomi asked the shop owner and we got to know that he just prints shirts and so on. And this would take two weeks and was really expensive >.<
So really no sweater for me... but think again! The shop owner said something and Tomomi translated doubtfully. He said that he wanted to give me the sweater from the outlay as a gift O.o
My reaction was: 'nan de ya nen?' (my new learned Osaka-ben for 'what???')
He was really impressed *lol* and he was serious and gave me the sweater for free because it was just an outlay and already dirty O.O
I was so surprised and thankful! Tomomi and I thanked him so much, we were almost down on our knees. I still can't believe it. (and I want to take a picture when I managed to wash it XD)
It seemed to be my day^^ Now I looked even more forward to relax while watching my beloved sakura in the castle park X3

At the sation I stored away my heavy books and the sweater in a coin locker and we had a nice walk to the castle.

Osaka Castle
In front of the Castle were many people gathering. We bought some icecream and just enjoyed the atmosphere^^
After this nice break we walked slowly back towards towards the station. We would need around one hour to get to Yamato-Yagi where we wanted to meet the others and go to the Hanami spot together.

We arrived a bit early but one of the guys was already waiting at the station, too. Tanaka-san was really a funny guy and he could even speak some English XD
But it got really cold outside in the meantime, so I was glad that I could also put on my 'new' sweater otherwise I would have been frozen >.< (fortunately under my coat no one would see how dirty it was^^;) I can't imagine that Tomomi felt really comfortable...
The others - three guys, her collegues from another section - also arrived in time. They also brought everything to eat and drink (beer, ume-sake and some fruity cocktails) and for the Hanami Party.
We went together to Onaka Koen (=park), it was a really nice spot. The park was enlightened with many traditional lanterns and some amusement stands were placed there, too. We found a nice place near the lake in the middle of the park to stretch our blanket. There we also meet another female collegue of Tomomi. When everything was ready, everyone introduced themselves to me properly, though I'm really bad in remembering names^^; That's why they even gave me their nicknames XD
participants: forgot the first name already..., Bo-chan, Kenji (that was easy XD), Tanaka-san introduced himself now as 'Party King' *lol* and Julie(-chan)
They even tested me several times^^;
But it was really funny. After one beer the guys were really chilled and made a lot of jokes. One of them (the one I forgot the name), Julie, Tomomi and I also went for a little walk and look around the stands. They made me play some ball shooting game like flipper but I just won a booby prize - I chose a frisbee so maybe Kiki and I can play a bit in the Yoyogi Park this year XD We also tried Throwing Rings but everyone failed again. There I chose a One Piece stamp (Robin) as a booby prize. Back to the blanket we enjoyed the lovely sakura under the lanterns^.^

our party group

I'm playing

beautiful sakura *_*

making funny photos with Edamame (soy beans) XD
After funny two hours we decided to end the party. Almost all of the food was gone and it got really cold >.<
But I was so happy and thankful to everyone! It was such an nice evening^^
Then Julie was also so nice and brought Tomomi and me back home with her car.
There I had another surprise: Tomomi's mother and grandmother had brought me some Matcha sweets *_*

Matcha KitKat, Jelly and little cookies
This will surely be one of the best days of these holidays^-^

The next days Tomomi has to work unfortunately U.U But her mother is so nice and will spend some time with me. The next day we want to prepare the altar for the boys festival in May and go watch some other sakura in the area^^

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  1. ~ wow Michi ^^ einer der interessantesten Einträge bisher ^^Du beschreibst alles so schön, als wär man fast dabei gewesen XD
    Aber eines fehlt hier total: ein Bild von dem Pulli! Du schreibst da lang und breit ne Abhandlung drüber und man fragt sich schon, wie der nun aussieht und dann kommt nicht mal ein Foto... neeee neeee.... so geht das nicht XD Ja klar der war dreckig aber trotzdem ^^
    Und dein Shoppingverhalten ist auch interessant....Bücher, Bücher, noch mehr Bücher , Artbook XD Klamotten sind leichter zu transpotieren XD
    Ach ja und sehr geiles neues Pokémon....Fishymon aus Hokkaido setz Aquaknarre ein *lol*
    dann wieder mal Schloss Osaka ^^°... wenn du könntest, würdest du bestimmt da einziehen!!! Das Bild mit den Kirschblüten im Vordergrund und dem Schloss ist aber auch wirklich schön!!!
    Ja und sonst scheint es auch echt ein schöner Abend gewesen zu sein mit "the one I forget the name" und Kenji ^^... aber ich bin ja selbst echt miserabel im Merken von Namen.... ist mir heute in der Uni aufgefallen. Hab eine getroffen, mit der ich vor nem Jahr mal in einem Kurs eine Stunde zusammengesessen habe und sie wusste meinen Namen noch o.O ich ihren nicht ^^°...
    Das Bild mit den Edamame ist auch sehr gelungen XD scheint lustig gewesen zu sein ^^ undd ann zum Krönenden Abschluss noch Matcha-Süßkram geschenkt *o* Michi im Paradies!!!
    bye bye <3 <3 <3