April 10, 2014

At Tomomi's Day 4 ~ preparing the altar & sakura viewing

Today's the 1st of April, a special day in Japan because today starts the 'new year': school, job, almost everything. So Tomomi couldn't get another day off this month because April is always a busy month >.<
Also the tax was raised from 5 to 8% from now on... so everything gets more expensive^^;

But while Tomomi had got up early because she went to work, I slept out and would spend the day with her mother. She was so kind and took care for me XD Unfortunately I also caught a cold >.< Maybe yesterday it was relly to cold to spend so much time outside in the evening *drop* So I was sneezing the whole day and felt really weak X.x
Nevertheless I didn't want the day to come to waste. Fortunately I got some Aspirin with me and they had also some pills against a cold at home.

medicine against cold
Tomomi's mother made me breakfast and then asked if I would like to help with the preparation for the altar for the boys festival. Of course I would and it really took almost an hour with the three of us (me, her mother and grandmother). We made up the altar, the samurai statue, its katakanas and decoration and offerings (grapefruits and sweets). But it's really nice *_*
But the answer to my question if they do this every year was 'no, the first time after maybe 8 years or so' *lol* I guess they do this also for me because I also liked the Hinamatsuri altar a lot^.^

complete altar
After lunch the three of us set of for viewing Sakura^.^
We took the car to a little temple where the Sakura trees were already blooming very beautifully! But I got a shock because for reason unknown my camera didn't work anymore O.o That was not good after I had recognized that my cellphone was broken, too...
Fortunately I also got my tablet pc with me, so I could take some pictures but I hate it when electrical devices don't work for no understandable reason 8>.<8

For the temple we had to climb a lot of steps but it was worth it. Inside were a great golden Buddha statue. We washed its feet because it is said to bring you luck^^
But the whole temple area was really nice and from this higher place we had a nice view over the sakura trees.

entrance of the temple area

pagoda between the sakura trees
Back at home I relaxed a bit. My nose was already aching >.<
But it was too nice outside to just stay at home so I wanted to have walk around the area. Tomomi's grandmother wanted to accompany me so we had a nice little walk a bit around a nearby lake^^
She talked a lot... only in Japanese of course, but I really understand some things XD
Unfortunately I didn't take my tablet with me so I haven't got any photos from the beautiful scenes >.<
But it was really refreshing and when we arrived back home, dinner was ready^.^

f.r.t.l.: chirashi zushi, vegetables, tempura with dip

Tomomi would come home very late so we had dinner without her U.U
When she returned we just talked a little while the TV was running in the background. She was just glad to be at home and to take a bath so the evening wasn't long. But I was also glad to get to bed because my cold hadn't become much better over the day...
Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.


  1. oooh poor Michi >__<....
    was für ein Scheiß.... krank im Urlaub!! Ich hoffe doch sehr, dass es dir schnell besser ging?
    Und das mit der kaputten Kamera hat Kiki schon erzählt^^° Ich hoffe du hast dir ne neue gekauft! Mit Tablet durch die Gegend laufen ist ja auch keine Dauerlösung und Handy geht auch nicht ^^°... also muss neue Kamera her!!! Ich will doch Bilder sehen!!! XD
    haha~ da warst du ja den Ganzen Tag nur mit den beiden Damen unterwegs^^ Die können ja gar kein englisch, ne? Nur gut, dass dein Japanisch schon so gut ist XD
    Also gute Besserung!!!
    bye <3

  2. Oh nein, erst krank und dann auch noch kaputte Kamera UND Handy... da isses ja echt ein Glück, dass du wenigstens noch das Tablet hattest!
    (Und drücke natürlich ganz fest die Daumen, dass du sie dann später doch noch wieder reparieren konntest!)

    Aber ansonsten... wow, echt klasse wie sehr du da in alles miteinbezogen wirst und wie viel du diesmal so richtig 'hautnah' miterleben konntest! ^^ Da könnte man glatt neidisch werden. Aber freut mich natürlich andererseits auch echt umso mehr für dich, dass du diesmal wirklich auch mal noch ne ganz andere Seite von Japan zu sehen bekommst und bisher alle so unglaublich lieb und fürsorglich zu dir waren ^___^ Jetzt musst du nur noch ganz schnell wieder gesund werden (bzw. bist es hoffentlich schon längst wieder! Der Tag liegt ja jetzt schon bisschen zurück) auf dass du die restliche Zeit in Japan auch weiterhin noch weiter in vollen Zügen genießen kannst! ^___^ *ganz fest die Daumen drück*

    -- Lynn