April 11, 2014

At Tomomi's Day 5 ~ great dam & hanami again^^

The next day I felt a bit better. Originally we had the idea to visit onsen (japanese hot spring) but because I still had a little cold I couldn't do this U.U
So Tomomi's mother had the idea to show me a great dam of the area because I mentioned that I haven't seen one before. The weather was nice so we left shortly after breakfast by car again. The dam was really amazing! We had a nice from there over the valley though it was very windy up there^^; (I was even that my tablet fly of my hands... and I wasn't able to take a picture of the dam itself U.U)

view from the dam
Afterwards we went back to town because I asked if we can stop by an electric devices shop to get my camera repaired. Fortunately the problem could be solved: I had the wrong batteries >.<
I still don't know where the difference is between the different panasonic batteries. I mean I just bought the first one together with Tomomi on Saturday... but who cares, my camera still works^o^ 

Next stop was at a 7eleven combini to get a bento for our next hanami tour. I chose kare raisu (curry rice) and a bottle milk tea. It's so cool that they heat up the dish in the mircowave^^
Everything's done, so we drove to a nearby viewspot for sakura. It was again a little temple in the middle of a lake. It is called temple of wisdom because it is said that if you walk around the temple your memory will become good/better (that's why many students do this she told me XD). We had a really nice view over the lake and it is so nice to make a little picnic under the trees^.^

my bento

little temple in the lake

Sakura X3
We walked around and here it was also a kind of tradition to plant flowers in form of the chinese animal sign of the year. So this year there was a flowerbed in form of a horse. It looked really cool^^

In the middle of the afternoon we had back home because grandmother wanted to go shopping with us in the supermarket and a homecenter. And I haven't been in such a center before, so I was curious. So we picked her up and went shopping XD

huge supermarket
The way they go shopping is really relaxed. First take a look around in the whole center and then decide what is good to be taken.
At the entrance they had many tables with strawberries, so we took one box. But they all looked so well and had also all the same size in one box that really looked suspicious to me^^;
They also sold monster vegetables O.o Giants reddish, carrots and other vegetables which looked weirdly big...

giant reddish
Afterwards we drove to the homecenter. It was a kind of combination between garden center, hardware store, drug store and furniture shop. And you can get sacks of rice really everywhere^^;

On the way back home we also fetched some Takoyaki *_*
At home grandmother and I had to try them at once^.^

takoyaki with topping
The rest of the afternoon I spend relaxing while watching some series on TV (and do some blogging XD). One TV program shows only (American) series and they were also synchronized in Japanese, that sometimes looked and sounded really funny. I watched for example 'Friends' and 'Criminal Minds'.

Then it was time for dinner (Japanese goulash, miso soup, pickled reddish, salad, rice and sliced pork) - again without Tomomi U.U - but we watched an interesting documentation about traveling in Rügen (Eastsea Island of Germany). That was funny.

But Tomomi didn't arrived as late as yesterday so we could chat a bit more and she and her mother also gave me some snacks I liked during my stay there^.^

Matcha Pockys and some sweet snacks
Tomomi also gave me a warming sleeping mask as a gift. I'm sure it will be of use during my flight back home!
Sadly it was my last day at Tomomi's house T^T
Tomorrow atfernoon I will fetch my friend Kiki from the airport and we will stay in Osaka for one week. But Tomomi and I just said goodbye till Saturday, then we want to meet in Osaka again. But tomorrow I will have to say goodbye to her family Q.Q
So good night!

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