April 12, 2014

At Tomomi's Day 6 ~ Osaka Day 0

My last day at Tomomi's house started like always: I stood up around 9 am and her mother served me breakfast^.^
I got the Matcha buns and some strawberries we bought yesterday in the supermarket XD

Matcha Anpan & -melonpan + strawberries & Matcha Latte X3
I also got Matcha Latte for breakfast and the remaining sachets I should take with me.

Because Kiki would arrive in the late afternoon I planned to depart after lunch, so I had still some time left. Tomomi'S mother asked me if I was interested in seeing their Kimono and Yukata. Of course I was and so we went upstairs and her mother opened a huge Tansu (Japanese cupboard) full of Kimono, Yukata and what is used along with it.
The family has an amazing amount of these traditional clothes so I was shocked when she told me that they don't wear them O.o
She showed me the Kimono she and grandmother wore at the wedding of Tomomi'S older sister, the Kimono Tomomi wore on her grown-up-celebration and also different other Yukata they don't wear any longer >.<

me in Tomomi's celebration kimono
She also showed me some coats for wearing over kimonos, some beautiful obi, bags and even a fur collar which is worn along with a wedding kimono. She also showed me pictures of Tomomi's sister in her wedding kimono and dress. It was so beautiful *_*
I was really impressed of everything. But then she really shocked me: she said that I can take a Yukata and Kimono with me O.O
I couldn't believe it and wanted to refuse, but she insisted that I chose one because they won't wear it. I had almost cried T^T
So we practised how to fold a kimono and I stored it savely in my luggage (pictures will follow when I'm back home!). Then it was also time that I get all my other things packed^^;

Then I had my last home-cooked meal T^T
Tomomi's mother made Ramen and Onigiri^^

Tomomi's mother was even so kind and would bring me to my hotel in Osaka by train T^T
Together we drove to Sakurai station and took the train to Osaka. I can't tell how thankful I am, it was so great not to travel alone and she also helped me with my heavy luggage. With her help I found the hotel quite easy and could check in. Finally I had to say goodbye to her. I will really miss her and her cooking!

Our hotel was located in Shinsaibashi, a lively shopping district in the centre of Osaka City^^
We had reserved a semi-double room in the Hearton Hotel Minami Senba. After check-in I relaxed a bit till I had to take the train to Kansai Airport to fetch my friend Kiki.

view in our little but confortable room
The journey was quite easy and I arrived in time at the airport.

waiting at the arrival exit at Kansai airport
Kiki was really exhausted from the lo~ng flight (the airline striked, so she had to take another flight with two stopps), so we took the train straight back to our hotel. But we were all happy to get our dinner from our beloved family mart (luckily there was one just opposite to the hotel^^v) XD
Kiki got her Jasmine tea, onirigi and egg sandwich and I tried some kind of donburi and bought some matcha dorayaki and warm milk tea (and I got some pickled reddish from Tomomi's grandmother^.^). So everything was fine.

family mart dinner
Next day we will explore our Shinsaibashi area, I'm really excited about it^.^
So the big city life can start now!

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  1. wow~ die haben dir echt nen Kimono und nen Yukata geschenkt o.O voll krass!!!
    na dann hast du ja gleich was neues zum Anziehen am Japantag ^o^
    .... bei dem ganzen Essen was du postest, krieg ich hier schon wieder Hunger Q____Q dabei ist 23:00Uhr und ich sollte lieber nix mehr Essen!!! XD
    bye <3