April 15, 2014

Osaka Day 1 ~ Shinsaibashi

First thing to do today was finding a café for breakfast. In our very nearby underground shopping mall 'Crysta' was a nice café directly at the entrance from our street so we stopped by and tried the coffee and some sandwiches there. It was really nice, so this will be our breakfast café for the next week^^

Café 'Break' ^^v
Afterwards we went over the shopping street Shinsabibashi-suji. It is a roofed street with every kind of shop you can imagine: clothes, shoes, entertainement, traditional clothes and accessoires, body care, dining, tea shops, cafés, socks and so on.
On halfway there is a popular bridge where many people meet and of course everyone is taking photos XD

view over the bridge
After strolling around and enjoy the atmosphere Kiki and I stopped by the next café for a break XD We found a good old Excelsior Café on the shopping street^^
So we had a refreshing coffee with a piece of cake. Kiki took a café latte with a lemon cake and I got myself a Matcha set with Matcha Latte and a warm Matcha Bagel *_*

our coffee seto XD
We went down Shinsaibashi-suji (later it is called ebisubashi-suji) till we even reached Namba area. But today was just looking and we didn't buy anything. But Kiki got a crazy idea: let's make purikura everyday O.O
So we stopped by a game center and made some puris of the day. We made really crazy pictures, it was even funny for the both of us XD (usually we are both not so into making purikura - and i think some of our friends get jealous now^^;) Let's see if can really keep up this challenge.

We also found a 'Donki' store, a shop which sells almost everything. Kiki got a Gachapin hair brush by accident and I was flashed by all the Matcha sweets they had *_* So I had t bought some^.^

matcha cookies with chocolate & Matcha puffed rice
Finally we returned to our hotel for now and relaxed a bit before we dedided what to eat for dinner.We ended up checking out the underground shopping mall Crysta of our street for some nice restaurant. We chose a little restaurant specialized on fried food. Kiki got hunger for ebi fri (fried giant shrimps) and I chose the kind of curry they offered. It was mild and tasty, exactly what I wanted^^

curry with pork and vegetables & side salad
That was really good, but I took care of the big laugh that evening. I had to pay with a 10.000 Yen note (nearly 100 €). I got coins back and put it in my wallet but then I wanted to go. So I had almost forgotten to take back my rest of 9.000 Yen^^; The women at the cashier looked really surprise and Kiki had to laugh hard. She even dropped her change money afterwards. So we would have left much money there... *lol*

But so we were fully satisfied with our first whole day in Osaka^^
The next day we will meet Tomomi and go shopping on the OPA here in Shinsaibashi. I'm curious if Kiki will buy many clothes XD

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