April 18, 2014

Osaka Day 2 ~ Shinsaibashi & Namba

Today we wanted to go shopping in the OPA shopping center here in Shinsaibashi. It was Saturday, so my friend Tomomi had a day off and wanted to join us, so we met her at 10 am in front of the building. But we didn't think of the opening hours and we had to realize that the OPA would just open at 11 am - so one hour left. But no problem, we used the time for what we always do in such a case: go for a coffee XD
We went back to Crysta underground and had a café latte in the Lotteria (Fast Food shop) and chatted a lot. It was good for Kiki and Tomomi to get to know each other. So after coffee and some cigarettes (for Kiki) we finally entered the OPA. It has 8 floors full of shops for clothing, really amazing. But the most impressive thing was that it was almost empty O.o especially on a Saturday! 
But so it was very relaxing and nice to look around. Kiki got an overload of good-looking things so she couldn't even decide for some clothes to try on XD Tomomi wasn't successful either, but I felt in love with some brown trousers with gold rings at the sides of the legs... from d.i.a. >.<
A really expensive gyaru brand but nevertheless I tried them on ~ with the persuation of Kiki I really decided to buy them for 7.500 Yen !!! 

That got Kiki a little bit depressed but then we decided to have lunch on the 9th floor. Their was a nice Soba restaurant. We shared some Katsudon and soba soup, it was really delicious^^

Because Kiki needed a cigarette afterwards and still couldn't decide for something to buy we finally left the OPA and went over Shinsaibashi-suji again. 

Kiki & me (with my d.i.a. bag XD) in front of the OPA
Tomomi could get her wanted body soap there and we stopped by a nice little café (where smoking was allowed XD). They had a great choice of cakes (they could have left the whole plate at our table X3) but of course I had to decide for the Matcha cake^__^

the variety of cakes *_*
my piece of Matcha cake *_*
We all enjoyed our cakes and were satisfied with our choices. After this break we went down the street till Namba Station. In the area around we stopped by a game center and tried some game machines. For the first time I tried some of the Taiko game machines together with Tomomi. We even played 'Dance my Generation' from Golden Bomber! Though you can't really recognize the songs there^^; But it was a nice try *lol*

game screen
Then it was time for Tomomi to leave T^T I will miss her so much!!! We accompanied her back to Namba Station and strolled back to our hotel. Because of the cake we just bought some things from the Family Mart for dinner and spend the rest of the day in our room. But I think we walked enough today^^;

Eier-Sandwich & Onigiri-Bento
For tomorrow the weather forecast is really bad: wind and rain >.<
So we think about what to do tomorrow. Maybe visiting the great Osaka Aquarium 'Kaiyukan' in the bay area. We will see...


  1. wahahaha~ Michi kauft sich ne Hose bei d.i.a XXDDD
    ist das zu fällig diese Hose in braun?
    die hätte ich nämlich gerne gehabe aber Kiki wollte mir ja nix von d.i.a. mitbringen XD
    fals das die Hose ist, dann will ich sie mir mal ausleihen, wenn ich bei dir bin XD
    wenn du das hier liest, bist du warscheinlich schon wieder zuhause
    bye bye <3

  2. Oooh! Michi! I love your Outfit from that day <3