April 19, 2014

Osaka Day 3 ~ Kaiyukan Aquarium

Today the weather was really cold (12 degrees) and it was very windy like the weather forecast predicted but unexpectedly there was no rain! It was even very sunny but nevertheless Kiki and I decided to visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium though it was expected to be very crowded on a Sunday (because of families and pupils going there).

But first we started the day with a nice long breakfast in our café. I allowed myself a chocolate chiffon cake and café mocha for breakfast X3

chiffon cake with cream and choco-sauce
Afterwards we took the Metro to the Bay area. It was nice around there but it was also really crowded >.< The entrance fee of the aquarium was 2.300 Yen so we hoped to really get to see some specials for this prize. 

 But in the inside many people were pulled together in the hallways, at the beginning it was really hard to see anything in the aquariums >.< Especially some Western children were really annoying, we were nearly at the point to just kick them away *grrr* 

Kiki in the middle of the crowd
But we were not disappointed of the things you get to see: a huge aquarium with different sharks, dolphins, penguins and many many more fishes were to be seen. At the you could even pet some rays and little cat sharks^.^ (unfortunately I hardly made any pictures >.<)

 After we spend some hours inside we also strolled through 'marketplace' next to the aquarium. We had lunch in the food court there. I chose okonomiyaki and Kiki a combination of Takoyaki and Yakisoba, so we called it Takosoba XD It was really good and we allowed ourselves a very good Matcha softice as dessert^.^

my okonomiyaki
We strolled a bit through the center and found even a little game center to do some weird purikura^^;
But apart from that the center wasn't very interesting and we finally left (and I haven't taken any photos again *sigh*). Because it was still afternoon and the sun was shining we placed ourselves again on the Shinsaibashi Bridge and watched the people walking around there. It was really interesting to do this on a Sunday^^
Many funny and also stylish people passed by. Also our friend 'Yuki' (named after a member of An Café XD) - we have already seen him on our first day - was back again and he showed up his new 'comedy program' *lol*

'Yuki' preparing for his performance XD
We spend around one hour time there before we headed back to our hotel.
For dinner we decided to visit the restaurant from friday again. Kiki wanted to have the ebi fri again and this time I also chose some fried things with salad and rice. I took the cream korokke (very soft potatoe croquettes) set menu. It was really good X3

korokke, salad, rice & miso soup
On the way back I recognized a shop in the underground mall which sold Matcha cookies for sale. So I had to take a look. It really were the Matcha cookies we felt in love with last year. So I took one package, but also a package of these cookies with dark chocolate for a try. In the shop I also found panda shaped Matcha cookies, so I bought them, too. ^__^

cookies, cookies, cookies & Royal Milk Tea X3
So it was a real successful day I can say. We had a lot of fun, didn't freeze too much and had good food XD

Tomorrow the weather will become better again, so we want to go to Kyoto for Hanami. I'm really looking forward to this!^^

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  1. Ooohh! I spot those Panda Cookies I love so much ... with matcha flavor X'D They seem to come in all kind of flavors o.O but from all I've tried i prefer the basic version: just chocolate x3