April 26, 2014

Osaka Day 5 ~ Shinsaibashi... again XD

Today we would stay in Osaka, Kiki wanted to do some final shopping in the OPA because now she got a plan what she wanted to buy. She was successful at Cecil McBee and Garula. Like a kind of tradition we went again to the excelsior café afterwards and had our standard coffee. On Shinsaibashi-suji I was also successful: in a tea shop I could decide for some Matcha powder and bought it in a nice present box^.^
(I haven't unpacked it yet, so I will show you later)

In a bookstore we also bought our favourite magazines. Kiki bought an 'egg' and I got the new 'Oggi' (with a give-away from Chanel).

Oggi magazine from May
We stopped by Shimsaibashi bridge again but on weekday it is not as exciting as on the weekend. We made purikura again and brought our gets back to our hotel. We haven't been far away but still walked a lot that day^^;

For dinner we got ourselves only some usual things from the family mart.

It wasn't a special day but we had fun and made some insiders XD (our iPhone talk was the best – you really get it in a shop every ten metres...) But that's also why we haven't made useful photos, sorry^^;

Tomorrow would be our last whole day in Osaka. We will make some plans for the day next morning and in the evening we will meet my friend Makoto in Kobe for dinner. I haven't seen him for two years now.

So see you tomorrow!

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