April 26, 2014

Osaka Day 6 ~ Sakuranomiya & Kobe

We slept out today so we had a late breakfast. So I tried something new: a chicken teriyaki pan^^

chicken teriyaki pan & my coconut latte
It was delicious but quite small^^; So I hope for toast tomorrow again XD
Because Sakura wouldn't bloom anymore when we will arrive in Tokyo, we decided to have a little Hanami in Osaka. I suggest to visit a park in Sakuranomiya, so we took the JR Line from Namba station. On the way to the station I stopped a little souvenir shop by accident I bought a super cute octopus plush toy^.^ (as a symbol for Osaka)

The park was to next to Sakuranomiya station, already the riverside there was full of Sakrua trees, it was very beautiful. There were also some people making hanami.
We walked a bit around and stopped by a bank under some trees. I brought my Matcha & Marron butter cake (I had bought in Sakurai) with me and so we made a little hanami by ourselves this time. And the cake was super delicious *_* Japanese backery is just the best!

sakura X3

Matcha & Marron Butter Cake
And so I could also take some cute pictures of Sakura^__^

my Osaka Octopus Plush Toy in the sakura tree^.^
It was really relaxing and the weather was just perfect. On the place in the middle of the park some guys were playing football. They were really funny and we enjoyed watching them playing and making fun of each other XD

After hanging around there for quite some time we head back to our hotel to refresh before heading to Kobe. We wanted to meet my friend Makoto around 18:30 h at Sannomiya Station. When we arrived he was already waiting at the exit.
For my annoyance he had no plan where to go for dinner >.< So we walked around, around, around... and ended up in the Okonomiyaki shop from two years ago. But it was as delicious as  back then.

okonomiyaki with pork & beef (can you see the difference? XD)
We talked about our journey, his work and so on. But because he had worked all day and we had to pack our things because of our departure for Tokyo tomorrow, we left after the dinner. We went back to the station together. We had a quick goodbye because the rapid train for Kiki and me was just arriving and we had to hurry >.<
But it was nice to see him again^^
Kiki & me in front of the restaurant's entrance
We caught a good time to arrive back at our hotel and so we packed our trunks. What a mess >.< We really have to many things to take around...
But we made it and looking forward to move to Tokyo tomorrow^^


  1. Moar >.< Ich wollte genau so ein Octopus Plushie und ich depp hab nirgends eines gefunden >.<
    Aber das Foto zwischen den Dakura Blüten ist echt süß <3

  2. can u read the tag of the plush? i apparently lost mine in guilin and now im back at home in the us and im desparate to find another as i was very attached to my old plush... thx! (030)

  3. Do you know where somebody could get an Osaka Octopus Plush Toy?