May 10, 2014

Osaka Day 7 ~ Tokyo Day 0

Today we had to leave Osaka T^T
But not without having a last long and relaxing breakfast in our Café X3
We alreday checked out and left our luggage at the reception before we went for breakfast.

Around 12 o'clock we left for Shin-Osaka Station to take the Hikari Shinkansen bound for Tokyo^^
I really love the Shinkansen, these trains are super comfortable and they are really Express trains! Around 4 pm we arrived at Tokyo Station. We had reserved a room in our Shiba Park Hotel (where have been the last three years, too), so we had no problem with finding our hotel. It was really like coming back home! Nothing has changed in the area and we got good service at the hotel (I was so relieved that someone took care of my luggage^^;) - it was besser than last year.

Atfer refreshing a bit Kiki and me decided to have a coffee at our Tully's Coffee (Shop) near the Station first. It was so good to be there again after one year! But for a change I didn't take a Matcha Latte but tried the Café Mocha^^

happy about my coffee XD
 It was funny, it was our first time getting a real cup there for the coffee XD We spent much time chatting and feeling happy before we went for dinner in our little Udon Shop on our street. It is really so cool that it is still there like it was four years ago^^

my dinner
Because I didn't really feel an appetite for noodles, I chose a bowl of rice with sweet potatoe tempura (& miso soup was included). It was delicious as always X3

Before returning to our hotel we stopped by the Family Mart to get us some dessert (I bought a dorayaki and some chocolates with Matcha filling^.^) and some alcohol to celebrate Kiki's Birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow, so we want to touch glasses at midnight^^

my gets
So I will start my next blog post with this ;D

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