May 18, 2014

Tokyo Day 1 ~ Kiki's Birthday in Harajuku/Yoyogi

Happy Birthday Kiki ^o^

o-sake XD
At midnight Kiki and I touched 'glasses' because today was her birthday. We had cans with beer (for Kiki) and with... some orange-soda tasting alcohol XD We made a lot of fun and jokes before finally go to sleep...

The next day Kiki could freely decide where she wanted to spend her birthday. She liked to visit Harajuku^^
So after a relaxing breakfast (like every day *lol*) we took the Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station. We made a brief stop at the smoking area before walking through Takeshita-dori, visit some shops and enjoy the nice weather and atmosphere.

Because of the nice weather we decided to have a walk in Yoyogi Park (like last year)^.^

Yoyogi Park

Many people enjoyed the beautiful spring weather in the park. Many people lay down on the grass to enjoy the sunlight or took a nap.

midday nap XD
I want to sleep, too XD
We were really sleepy that day^^;
We also relaxed on the grass before going back to Harajuku. Kiki invited me to a Harajuku Crêpe - they are really epic *_* And the variaty of different crepe is amazing!! it's really hard to decide. I took a brownie banana-chocolate-cream crepe while Kiki just took a crepe with strawberry and cream (she didn't want to check the whole variation XD).

crêpe shop

our birthday girl^^
Of course we also made purikura that day, too! It was really great because we chose a machine which had a special birthday function, so Kiki got nice photos with birthday cake and so on and during the picture taking also celebration music was playing^^


In the evening we wanted to go out with our friend Kaoru but she had to do overwork and couldn't meet us. So the day ended quite unspecial U.U
But tomorrow we will go shopping in shibuya with Kaoru, so I guess it will be a great day^^

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