May 27, 2014

Tokyo Day 2 ~ Shibuya & Ebisu

Hello again!
The started with a super breakfast: my beloved French Toast and Café Mocha! X3

morning set
Afterwards we wanted to meet with Kaoru at 1 pm at Hachiko (like always)^^
We arrived early so Kiki could have a cigarette in the overcrowded smoking area there XD We also visited Tower Records to get some Golden Bomber CDs. I bought the Single CD of Yowasete Mojito, a CD/DVD of the hits from 2009-2013 and Kenji's third book of his blog X3

my gets

Back at Hachiko, Kaoru arrived quite in time and we decided to have a coffee first to chat because we haven't seen each other for months. So we entered our good old Excelsior Café opposite to Shibuya 109.

view out of the window: entrance of 109

Kiki & Kaoru
After this chatting session we entered the 109. Of course Kiki wanted to visit the shops d.i.a, Garula and Ma*rs XD Kaoru was also looking for shoes and I was curious about accessory and handbags. But Kiki couldn't decide again for some things and we were just successful in getting some clothes our friend Lau wanted to have^^;
Poor result but nevertheless we thought we had earned ourselves lunch now. It was funny Kiki and Kaoru asked me if I know where we have been for lunch last year but didn't expected an answer and I just said 'yes'. Their looks were brilliant XD
So we had lunch - again - in the tempura restaurant from last year^^ It was great, Kiki and I chose Tempura Don (fish and vegetable tempura on rice) and Kaoru got a Tempura vegetable menu (six pieces of tempura with rice and miso soup).

our lunch
view out of the window: down to our Excelsior Café XD

Next plan was making Purikura and visit Tokyu Hands. We strolled around Shibuya and also entered some other shops. After walking so much we wanted to have a break in a Café again but every place was full >.< (or just a free single seat)
In a little side street we were lucky and I could also enjoy a super delicious Matcha Cake along with another Café Mocha *_*

Matcha Cake X3
Kaoru and Kiki got hungry, too, so we searched for an Izakaya afterwards but every place in Shibuya was totally full or we had to wait a minimum of 45 minutes >.<
So we decided to leave and go to Ebisu instead. I also remembered the street where we went to an Izakaya last year so we checked the place again and lucky: a free table in an izakaya near the station^o^
Kiki was happy to get a beer at the end of the day and this izakaya was favourite for chicken dishes. So had dinner with fried chicken, yakitori, chicken dumplings, tamagoyaki and salad^^


yummy steamed dumplings^.^

different versions of yakitori
Though this place was quite boring. We had no interesting people around, even no nice waitor^^; On the otherhand we were all so tired...

good night
So we left around 9 pm and head back to our hotel. But it was a funny day nevertheless^^

Tomorrow we will meet our friend Aya again! We are excited what plans she has for us because we have no clue.
Bye bye^o^/

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