May 29, 2014

Tokyo Day 3 ~ visiting Yacchi-kun's home

Today we met again with our friend Aya! She fetched us at the hotel and had plans for us this day. She told us that Yacchi-kun (who we met last year) had also time today and he invited us to his home (a small town next to Yokohoma). That was quite excited. Yacchi-kun is also a very funny person und we have never been in a Japanese flat, so we liked the idea^^
We took the Yamanote-Line to Meguro Station and changed to subway. We got off at Keio University *lol* So we were almost in Yokohama. Yacchi-kun fetched us at the station with his (new) car. It was funny because Aya told us that he has never visitors because he lives so far away from the station that nobody wants to come (by train). So we were the first ones to visit his flat there XD
But before driving home we stopped by a supermarket and a bakery to get some things to eat. Aya wanted to make us Yakisoba (because it’s Kiki’s favourite dish and it should be a kind of birthday present for her). It was so funny watching Aya and Yacchi-kun go shopping XD They were Mom and Dad and Kiki and I were the children *lol*

family shopping XD
Finally we arrived at Yacchi-kun’s place (somewhere in nowhere). It was a nice flat with a combined living-, working- and kitchen room and a separate bedroom and a bathroom area (and a little balcony). Kiki liked it very much while I would prefer more space for the kitchen XD

Aya and me owned the kitchen and started to make lunch. It was really cool and I had fun to cook there^.^ Aya and me were a good team! (while Yacchi-kun and Kiki were just sitting there watching and smoking *lol*)

The Yakisoba came out very good!! Especially Kiki were satisfied ;D

cooking team: me & Aya

our Yakisoba

Afterwards we infiltrated Yacchi-kun with Golden Bomber. We watched our self-made video and showed him our next cosplay idea. Then he was curious and looked for other funny videos of Golden Bomber that was really cute XD

watching Golden Bomber videos XD

Time passes fast and Aya prepared another version of Yakisoba for dinner. Afterwards we also enjoyed the cakes we had bought. Kiki got also a candle on top and we singing her Happy Birthday^o^

And it was the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted!!! Awesome *o*

Everyone else was also satisfied with the choice (Kiki had the strawberry cream cake, Aya something with raspberries and vanilla und Yacchi-kun was also a fan of berries – I seem to be the only chocolate lover^^;).

cake box

Then we tried to get Yacchi-kun to play his guitar but he was too resistant. But Aya tried to make some music, that was so cute^.^

Aya playing guitar

Around 9 pm we finally left. But it was such a funny day. Yacchi-kun took us back to the station and we said goodbye to him.

But just when our train arrived, Aya got a call from him again that I have forgotten my camera at his place >.< So we waited for him at the station entrance because he was so nice to bring the camera right away! I felt so ashamed (I would love to say I was my plan to see Yacchi-kun one more time XD but it wasn’t^^;).

I was glad when we arrived at our hotel because I was kind of tired and I had to get up early the next morning. Tomorrow I will go to Takayama for spring festival the next two days. So I packed my bag and was looking forward to tomorrow^^

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  1. schön auch mal davon Bilder zu sehen ^^
    oh Gott die Torten *o*... der Wahnsinn!!!! ichhätte mich eindeutig auch für die Schoko-Torte entschieden!!!
    Aber euer selbstgemachtes Yakisoba ist auch nicht von schlechten Eltern^^ und wenn es Kiki überzeugt hat, dann kann es ja nicht schlecht gewesen sein XD
    freu mich auf die nächsten Posts!!! Davon weiß ich ja noch gar nix wirklich!!!