June 22, 2014

Tokyo Day 6 ~ Harajuku, Shibuya & Shimbashi

Today Kiki suggested to go shopping in Harajuku again because she wanted to have a Suica Case und socks from Gachapin. It was okay with me and our friend Aya who stay half of the day with us also liked the idea. We really found some nice shops we haven’t seen before with many funny stuff and character goods. Kiki was successful in getting a Gachapin Sucia Case but unfortunately the shop hasn’t got any socks. I also found some Star Wars stuff there XD

So I got Darth Vader socks and some R2-D2 Stickers X3

They had also a Darth Vader Suica Case but it was so big and didn’t look good so I didn’t buy it.

Star Wars Goodies X3

We also looked for some jewelry. I got a necklace for my new cardigan and another hair pin fitting my new yukata^^

my new jewelry
Kiki wasn’t successful again >.<

So we decided to have lunch before going somewhere else. We entered a café where Kiki really wanted to eat Pasta O.o I preferred a good looking piece of Matcha Cake together with an Iced Matcha Latte. Unfortunately the cake didn’t taste good -_- what a waste of money…

Matcha Cake & Matcha Iced Latte

Finally it was time for Aya to leave. We said goodbye to her and departed at the Station. She had to go back to Tokyo Station while we went the other direction and wanted to make a stop at Shibuya again to get Kiki her Gachapin socks. She also wanted to look for eye lashes for some friends and she got to know a Donki store in Shibuya as well.

This time she was lucky with the socks and at Donki she even found a Gachapin T-Shirt *lol*

But not the right lashes ^^; That was really weird.

But we can say that our shopping was quite successful.

Back at our hotel Kiki got to know that her friend Yuta was back in town, so they arranged a spontaneous meeting for the evening. We met with Yuta at Hamamatsuchou Station and he took us to Shimbashi. It’s a lively place in the evening with many restaurants. Many people go there after work.

First we fight our hunger with a great Katsudon^.^

Afterwards Kiki was longing for a place with beer and smoking and Yuta really found a nice little bar where a glas of beer only cost 90 Yen XD

He also ordered a plate of Sashimi O.o That thing was amazing!

Shimbashi by night

It was quite tasty though then I had eaten enough fish for the next few weeks I think^^;

There was also a cute waitor working at the bar. Kiki and me had fun watching him. Yuta even told him that Kiki liked him and made a photo from the two of them *lol*

So we had a great evening but returned quite early because Yuta was really sleepy after his work. But it was good for me because the next day I have to get up early again because I will meet my friend Hideo and his wife and we want to go to Nikko. I’m really looking forward to this^.^

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