June 15, 2014

Trip to Takayama ~ Day 2

I woke up very early after a good night in the hostel. I had dorayaki for breakfast and left quite early. It was just 8 am so nothing would be going in the city that's why I decided to check out the Hida Folk Park which was quite near to the guesthouse. This little walk in the morning was really refreshing and the weather was going to be very sunny again^^

The Hida Folk Park was really close but I expected it to open maybe at 10 am or so, so I wouldn't wait for entering. But it should open at 8:30 am, so I just had to wait 10 minutes, I thought. There was already a woman at the counter and greated me. I could buy a ticket (for 700 Yen) and already enter the park^o^
The first impression was really beautiful and of course it was totally empty! Really nice feeling after all the crowds from yesterday^^;

Unexpectedly it was pretty wide and the first thing to see was a beautiful lake which was the center of the park. Around where many old Japanese houses of the region from the 17th century. You can enter every house (of course after taking of your shoes), that was really interesting^^

view from the entrance

inside of a building

view over the old houses
It took me around two hours to visit the whole place (but they also offer routes which take about 30 minutes or one hour f.e.). On the opposite of the Park was also a Handicraft Center where you can make things yourself. So why not give it a try?! I decorated a photo phrame^.^ So I got another great souvenir!

my self-made photo frame^.^

Finally I went back to town to enjoy the rest of the festival and visit the famous old streets of Takayama which look like back in the 17th century. 
But before I made a brief stop at a very little shop to get myself a sweet potatoe soft icecream^.^ The old lady (shop owner) was really nice though I asked myself if she really has costomers...^^;
But I had a nice little break with my icecream while sitting outside in the 'smoking area' XD

old shop

But then I walked into the old town under the burning sun again X.x
Today the shrines were arranged on the main streets of the old town, it was nice to look at them again^.^
The old streets were also really cool. Full of old looking shops with many regional specialities and souvenirs, I could spend some time there very well XD (just time, not money, hehe)

shrines on the main street in old town

old street with many little shops

But then I had seen enough and went back to Takayama Station. Surprisingly I heard traditional music coming from this direction. On the little place in front of the station a group of kids were supposed to have a little performance. That was really cute and I decided to watch it^.^

the kids are waiting to start their performance

But I should have checked the timetable of the train beforehand because the Hida Express back to Nagoya only runs one time an hour^^; so at that moment I had to wait another 50 minutes... Stupid me >.<
So for being safe this time with a seat I tried to get a seat reservation for the next train but it was already sold out. That's why I didn't want to leave the Station to pass the time. The first people were already standing in line for the upcoming (though it was still 40 minutes left). So I did as well for getting a seat and the end of the line was still in the shadow of the building^^;
And it was the right decision! There were only two wagons with no reserved seat and I could get one on the shadowy side of the train. I was very relieved and had a relaxed ride back to Nagoya.
Bye bye Takayama...

At Nagoya I tried to fullfill at least today the challenge of Kiki and me to make purikuras everyday. And I was lucky: just opposite of the station was a purikura center and it was quite empty^^v
So I did some nice shots and even found the street of my blog *lol*

Purikura XD

But I had bad luck again with the timetable: I had again wait for another 50 minutes to catch the Hikari Shinkansen back to Tokyo U.U
But what I should I do. I got myself something to eat from a combini and wait...
But the ride back home was easy, I played a bit with my Nintendo 3DS and arrived safely back in Tokyo^^

my dessert: Matcha Cake *_*
I had some really nice days in Takayama but I must say that I wouldn't want to visit this town without the festival. That would have been too boring and not worth this long ride.
I was glad when I arrived at our hotel and could talk with Kiki about our days^^

So tomorrow it will be some shopping day back in the great city XD


  1. aaaah ja, jetzt weiß ich endlich mal, was du so gemacht hast^^
    (gilt für beide posts) sehr interessant!!! Kann mir vorstellen, dass dir das richtig gut gefallen hat^^ und in Nagoya warst du ja sogar auch nochmal schnell XD

  2. Wenn ich das so lese, klingts eigentlich ganz cool...schade, dass ich nicht mitgekommen bin >.<