July 16, 2014

Tokyo Day 8 ~ Ikebukoro, Shibuya, Shimbashi/Ginza

Today is our last whole day in Tokyo…

So Kiki wanted to buy some final gifts for some friends. We expected to be most successful in Ikebukoro. We wanted to visit the Donki store there but even me – with my good sense of orientation – couldn’t remember the right direction so we got a bit lost in Ikebukoro^^;

But finally we made it to the store, unfortunately Kiki didn’t get the things she wanted >.<

So next try will be in Shibuya and of course Kiki needed to visit her favourite quarter for the last time. We had our last coffee break in our usual Excelsior Café and enjoyed the flair of Shibuya before heading back to our hotel.

While Kiki made herself ready for her date in the evening with some guys and she met together with Kaoru two days ago I thought about what to do in the meantime. My luggage was packed so I didn’t want to stay at our hotel alone.

After Kiki had left I decided to go to our nearby Udon-shop for dinner. Afterwards I wanted to visit my favourite district: Ginza

So I took the Yamanote-Line to Shimbashi Station. I had a really beautiful nightview over the place in front of the Station from the platform^^

forecourt of Shimbashi Station

I visited my favourite supermarket to check out the offer. Unfortunately the really cool toys store had already closed >.<

I strolled through a shopping mall and the two great streets of the quarter. I really like the flair of Ginza. Unfortunately it started to rain…

I got the idea to search for a case for my Nintendo 3ds and I found a big electronic store near the station. It was great and they offered a big variation of cases but mostly for the 3DS XL >.<

But finally I decided for the Pokémon Yveltal Case^.^

case in its packaging/my 3DS with case
When I arrived back at the station I had to notice that the Yamanote-Line wasn’t running. That was really weird because normally everything is working somehow in Japan. But there were also some policemen walking around the opposite platform so I guessed I couldn’t take this train home. Fortunately I could take the Keihan-Line as well and made it back to our hotel safely.
Later Kiki told me that she wasn’t this lucky… (and had to take a taxi back home)
what a last evening^^;

So this holidays are coming to end… how sad >.<
I really hope for a comfortable flight back home tomorrow and a good close for my long travel dairy^^

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