July 20, 2014

Tokyo Day 9 ~ departure and arrival in Germany

It was really comfortable that our flight departed shortly after noon so we had time to sleep out and have a last relaxed breakfast.

Finally from Hamatsuchou Station we took the Tokyo Metropolitan Line to Haneda Airport. It was our first flight from this Airport because just a few weeks ago the Lufthansa changed their flightplans and depart from Haneda now instead of Narita. But it was great because Haneda is much nearer (just 30 minutes ride instead of 1,5 h) and from the Station we directly entered the entrance hall of the airport and the counter was already in sight. I was so happy when I had my luggage stored away >.< (and they didn’t shelt me for having overweight)

We were perfect in time and could chill the last minutes before boarding. Like always it was very sad to leave the country…

But the flight went well. We had really cool Stewart^.^

He was gay but totally nice and it was like he could read our minds. He fulfilled every wish of us XD He walked around with the Baileys after dinner, he got us cakes when the snacks were served and he was quite funny.

Japanese lunch

Bailey's on ice / salmon onigir

So we landed safely in Munich. But Kiki had to hurry to catch her connecting flight to Berlin while I had to wait over 3 hours!!! >.<

That was so bad…

I was glad that my mother fetched me from the airport in Düsseldorf. Just past midnight I fell in my bed and asleep at once…

So four weeks of holidays are over now. I had such a great time!!! And I can’t wait to visit Korea again and meet my friend Tomomi in Japan the next time^__^

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