September 28, 2014

Hiroshima Day 1 ~ ゴールデン ボンバー のコンサート #1

Today's special day!!! Because today is the first Golden Bomber concert here in Hiroshima.
But in the morning we took our time. Kiki wanted to prepare herself with hairstyle, make-up and so on, so I had some time to check the neighbourhood and just relax from our long journey.

But first of all we had breakfast^o^
We have a nice coffee shop on the first floor of our hotel. It's public café but it has an entrance from our hotel lobby. I'd like to taste one of their pancake versions but unfortunately it got sold out just by the man standing before me >.< (why am I always so lucky and why on the first day at breakfast??? 8>.<8)
Nevertheless the strawberry jam toast and the moccha latte were also a good start for the day. While Kiki started preparing herself I went around our block. Next to the hotel we have our Family Mart and a nice main street. In the side streets are many little shops, so the area is quite practical^^

our Mitsui Garden hotel
our breakfast coffee
the view out of our room window
In the afternoon we left for the concert hall. Golden Bomber played at the Green Hall of Hiroshima. We can reach it by foot. We arrived there a bit past 3 pm, already many fans were gathering there. It was a great atmosphere^^v
the fans in front of the Green Hall
Many fans wore Golden Bomber outfits, that was cool. But also many many fans just put a Tamiya T-Shirt on. Kiki and I got a great idea what to wear today: a bavarian 'Dirndl' ^o^ 
Typically German, colourful and just cool. We were quite eyecatchers but we liked it. Forutnately we found people who took photos of us.

The Golden Bomber Dirndl shot^o^

The concert started at 5 pm but inlet was already at 4 pm, so we stood in line at the time.

At the entrance we showed our tickets in our bags were checked. I had to left my camera at the information because photos are not allowed during the concert (interesting that smartphones are permitted... but really no one try to take photos!). It was interesting to see all the peple in the hall. Next to Kiki and next to me even older ladies were sitting and enjoying the concert. But in the meantine it was really annoying for me that they played a CD of Nirvana till the concert starts... why Nirvana?? >.<
Exactly at 5 pm the show started...

I really can't but it into words... the concert was just so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guys were all so cool and likeable, Kiki & I got totally flashed XD
They played new and old songs, made jokes and sketches and even prepared a gay drama (Yutaka x Shou) on stage^^;
The intro video was also so funny. The theme was 'Kyan Hage', a story of Kyan Yutaka you got a baldhead in 2014. Then the video showed them 30 years later where Yutaka had finished a time machine. So they went back to 2014 and played the concert just before the fateful moment...
I really couldn't imagine how they will do such a show but it was awesome!!!
It's also amazing that eveybody danced the furis together, it was just fun.

After three hours the concert was over. Kiki and I were so excited that we stayed at the hall a bit longer and watched all the people walk away. Of course we also got ourselves some merchandise ;D
two Tour Towels, one Tour T-Shirt and a Plush-Kenji *_*
Finally we went back home. We strolled back over the shopping street 'Hondori' where we saw many concert visitors again (Tamiya T-Shirts everywhere XD). We also decided to make Purikuras in a Game Centers there. It's great to have Dirndl-Puris *lol*

Back at our hotel we were still too happy and too excited to go to bed. And the best thing is that we wil see them again tomorrow!!! *o*

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