September 29, 2014

Hiroshima Day 2 ~ ゴールデン ボンバー のコンサート #2

Today we slept out again and got ourselves ready after breakfast. By the way today I successfully got a pancake^o^ I chose a Mango Pancake and a Matcha Latte, that was so great X3
The outfits for today were the tour shirts and towls we bought yesterdays together with hotpants and comfortable shoes; Kiki also did a great job with her hairstyle again. This time we decided to make some Purikura before the concert. No surprise that me met many fans there, too. In the elevator we were kind of celebrated XD They asked us for our favourite member and of course the one who wore a Kenji version was so happy about my opinion XD But she also did pretty well^.^ (we also met her in front of the hall later again)

So we arrived at the arena around 15:30 h. The atmosphere was as great as yesterday. This time we also decided to make some pictures of some masqueraded fans. Many of them did a great job and we saw almost every popular version: ii hito, Dance my Generation, Yowasete Mojito, Police Men, Princess Junko, Prince Yutaka with Kenji-Wolf and Teddybear, the lazy versions of Shou and Yutaka, some Kenji versions (especially from his book promotions) and some more. (interestingly there were no Memeshikute versions today O.o)
It was really cool. But I guess I will dream of the Japanse sentence 'shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?' (can I take a picture?) tonight XD

shots of the day
But everybody was so friendly, they liked the photo taking and also invited you to have a picture with them together^^
It was so much fun! So Kiki and I got the idea to wear a Golden Bomber Outfit next time, too. And I must say that I can do the Kenji make-up better then some of the others! *proud* So I don't need to be ashamed if I will really do this.

Today we entered the arena quite late, it was already 16:45 h. But the hall wasn't even filled with as many people as yesterday although we thought that the atmosphere was better and more lively today!

Of course the show was great again!!! *o*
Surprisingly it was a bit different from yesterday. A few songs were exchanged and some gags different. Jun even sreamed 'yesterday they were louder' everytime when heating up the crowd XD

It's really the best to have two concerts in a row! Yesterday we just enjoyed the show but today we could really concentrate on the story, the members and some details. So we totally fell in love with them *o*

They is no point but visiting a concert again... hopefully next year when they are so merciful and have some concerts again!! >.<

After the concert we were almost the last to leave. At the end two girls even gave us two Golden Bomber balloons as a gift (which were falling from the ceiling in the middle during the encore)! That was so nice^.^

Golden Bomber Chibi balloons^.^
Conclusion: Can't wait to see Golden Bomber live again and this Flash will last for a looooong time now XD

Now I'm curious about our day in Fukuoka tomorrow because it is Kenji's birthplace X3

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