September 30, 2014

Hiroshima Day 3 ~ Hiroshima Castle & Walking dead in Fukuoka

The day started very early because Kiki and I couldn't sleep and got up before 8 am... (though our alarm clock should ring at 8 am)
But who cares, so we had enough time to fullfill our dayplan^^

First we wanted to visit Hiroshima Castle. It's quite simply and a bit smaller compared to Osaka or Nagoya but nevertheless it looked pretty. The park around it is also beautiful and we enjoyed walking around there.

Hiroshima Castle
Afterwards we took the Shinkansen to Hakata Station for visiting Fukuoka.
It's really a nice city. I can't put it into words, but the atmosphere remarkably differs from other cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. Fukuoka is a mixture of modern buildings with little shrines in between. You smell the fresh air from the coast that's why the climate is also very comfortable.
We strolled around the main streets of the inner city. We walked and walked and walked... (we were walking so long that I didn't even take photos of the city >.<)
We visited a little shrine with a great Buddha inside (unfortunately you weren't allowed to take pictures), walked over the Fukuoka Castle ruins in Ohori Park und finally ended up at Fukuoka Beach. In the end it was a 3 hours walk without a break^^;

Fukuoka Beach

But the beach was great! With aching feet we settled down in a beach bar called 'Big Banana' XD They played old Rock'n'Roll songs and so on, it was so funny. Kiki said it's like in the Movie 'Eskimo Limon (Eis am Stiel)' *lol*

"Big Banana"

Kiki enjoyed a cold beer while I chose for coconut soda... but it was a bad choice because it tasted so awful -_-
But the curry pizza was very good XD So in the end we had a nice chill-out at the beach^^

Last stop was the Fukuoka Tower. It's a triangeled tower where you can visit an observation deck by elevator. As a tourist you even get 20% discount on the admission fee (so we paid 620 Yen each). We really had a great few over the bay and the city! We waited till the sun went down and it got dark. The city's illumination looked so pretty from above.

Fukuoka by night

Fukuoka Bay by night
But the tower itself was beautifully illuminated. Some light were moving so some shapes changed from time to time. It was really worth a visit^^

Fukuoka Tower at daylight

illuminated tower
With our feet burned down to the ground, we yomp ourselves back to the subway station to get back to Hakata Station. Because we had to wait for 50 minutes we had a stop at a Starbucks to enjoy a Caramel Frappuccino respectively a White Chocolate Moccha X3
But we were happy to arrive at our hotel. It was a long day and especially Kiki's feet need a long break...

Tomorrow we will go to Osaka and stay there for two nights. We are also going to meet my friend Tomomi again^.^
I'm so happy!!!

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